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Welcome to the Age of Quarantine

lego toy in clear glass container

Life looks very different today compared to a few months, weeks, even days ago.  We wish we had just cracked opened a Sci-Fi novel, but, it’s where we find ourselves today.  Instead of a handshake, we elbow bump, no hugging or handholding, and we’re all getting pretty good at judging six feet in our mind’s eye.

Now that we have enough TP and cleaning supplies stored away people are #stayinghome and social distancing with everyday activities now being held at a .com address instead of a physical one.  Our work and education have moved to the virtual world and the worldwide web is hosting plenty of boredom busters, anything from taking #DalgonaCoffee tutorials on YouTube to dance parties on TikTok.  Bored board games?  Here’s a list of seven games you can play online with your friends.


Speaking of friends and family… People are adapting in creative ways to continue celebrating birthdays, getting married, and sitting down to virtual family dinners…yes, it’s finally okay to have your phone out alongside your dinner plate.  Another favorite family past time, the movie night is now a #Netflixparty event enabling everyone the ability to enjoy the same movie from their own couch and you don’t have to share your Covid-19 supply of snacks! (Though you may want to find out who has the best homemade snacks and get the recipe!)


Unexpectedly but wonderfully rising from the ashes around the country are Drive-in movie theaters.  Technically you can quarantine in your car provided you cough with the windows rolled up and are parked at least 6 feet away from another vehicle.

drive in

And, since traditional dating breaks all Covid-19 prevention rules laid out by the World Health Organization, this social activity is shifting to apps like OKZoomer for college kids while traditional dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid are interrupting with reminders for swipers to wash their hands!  If it’s one thing we know, people won’t stop looking for love even if they have to social distance themselves from their date.

art of solitude

And finally, with all the time at home, now is a good time to attack that spring cleaning including storing your winter clothes and taking out your lighter clothing for when life comes back to normal. Spring is here after all!  Don’t forget to think about your environmental footprint with your unwanted clothing – donations are still being accepted.  After a long day at work from home, you might be ready to escape to a virtual world with a good old fashion book. We suggest skipping the Sci-Fi and go straight to The Art of Solitude, it might be a while before we can all get back to life as we knew it.

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer, she worked for Julianna Rae in Customer Service and Graphics and writes for the blog while practicing social distancing at home in a luscious pair of Natalya Silk PJ’s in Voluta.