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Everyone Loves Extra Time – Take advantage of every hour this Leap Day!

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When you flipped the calendar to February this month did you leap for joy over having an extra day? If you happen to be a “leaper” then you’ve got some extra celebrating to do because your birthday (leaplings are rare) comes around only once every four years and it’s finally here! What’s the deal with Leap Year anyway – are you wondering too?

Well, you can thank Julius Caesar, “Father Leap Year”, for keeping our calendars in line because without this additional day every four years we would lose almost six hours every year. This is all because the revolution around the sun isn’t exactly 365 days but 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds. In order to make up for the discrepancy between the lunar and solar calendars, Caesar, with the help of his top astronomers, added the “leap” day to bring our calendars back into balance.

So, now that you know why there’s an extra day this month, what are you going to do with it?

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How about…

Leap into spring cleaning – Brush out those cobwebs, wipe away the dust, clean out a closet, organize your pantry, use your extra day to bring a little sparkle to your abode. Give some natural cleaners a try instead of harsh chemicals.   Need some great decluttering ideas?

Get an extra fitness day in – Go for a leap day hike, run or walk. Or, hit the gym on your extra day and burn some extra calories!  Don’t forget to choose healthy foods – Leap day is also an extra day of eating!

Propose to your boyfriend – Want to leap into matrimony with your SO?  It is February after all, the most romantic of months and Leap Day is your day to do it according to the Irish. Technically, in the year 2024, women do not need permission to propose marriage, but Irish tradition proclaims that this right has been reserved for women specifically on years with 366 days on the calendar. Yay Leap Year!

Get an early start on your taxes – We can think of other fun things to do but if you prefer to tabulate then get that calculator out and thank Leap Year for making you early to file this year.

Pour a Leap Day Cocktail – We know it’s a Thursday night but it’s still close to the weekend. Invite your friends or chill out yourself and check out this Leap Year Cocktail from the Savoy Cocktail Book published by the Savoy Hotel and created in London in 1928. The cocktail is said to have been “responsible for more proposals than any other cocktail ever mixed”. That should make for an interesting evening!

Leap into a fun night with a Leap Year Cocktail from the Savoy Hotel!  Photo:

Cross an item off of your bucket list – What better way to use an extra day in your year and swim in one of the four major oceans, visit one of the seven wonders of the world or experience the Northern Lights. Don’t worry, if you missed out this year, you’ve got four years to plan for the next one.

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Celebrate with a Leaper – With Leap Day on the calendar every four years, leap babies are rare –  in fact, there are only about 5 million around the world. Considering that the chance of being born on any day is 1 in 365, for Leap Day babies it’s 1 in 365 x 4 plus 1!  When you can only celebrate your birthday every 4 years then it better be a big bash and if you know a leaper, celebrate with them. It will be memorable for sure!

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