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We’re Seeing Double: August and September are Double Rewards Months with Julianna Rae’s “Top Drawer” Rewards Program!

We welcome August with Double Points – YAY! Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on

So many good things come in doubles, right?  Take for example the famous “Daily Double” in horse racing AND on Jeopardy, or the two-patty yumminess of the McDouble! For snack lovers we have double chocolate fudge brownies and double stuffed Oreos, and caffeine-lovers enjoy the double shot espresso while romantics double up on dates. 

It’s clear that if one is good then double is better!  So, this August and September we’re doubling down with DOUBLE the reward points on your purchases… that’s right, while you’re shopping for luxury sleepwear and fine lingerie in natural fiber fabrics like our high-quality silk and long-staple cotton you will be earning twice the points.   Throw them at future purchases for yourself or save them up and splurge on holiday gifts.   

One rainbow is gorgeous but two rainbows is just EXTRA special! Photo by orlando s. on

So, if you’ve already signed up for our “Top Drawer” rewards program, start shopping now!  If you, haven’t, it’s easy.  Just click over to and get started.  You even get 50 points for just signing up!

Don’t worry, points never expire so you can use them when you want.  And, although we only allow one coupon code per purchase on our site, we always allow you to redeem points during sale events like our Fall Bride sale and even Black Friday.  That means double the savings and double the fun! 

And there are tons of other benefits when you enroll, here, at  You’ll see all your present and past orders in one place (great for keeping track of styles and sizes you’ve ordered) and you can create and share your Wishlist (bye, bye bad gifts like socks and kitchen gadgets).  Even checkout will be super quick and easy using all your saved shipping and billing addresses. Best of all, you will be able to keep track of your reward points and watch them grow, and – best of all, redeem them for the styles you love (always, always the FUN part!).

Click into your rewards account to see all the benefits you’ll find in your Top Drawer account. You don’t even have to purchase to earn!  You’ll receive rewards for signing up (50pts), for having a birthday (100pts), for leaving a review or even just following us on social media.  Hard to find a good reason to say no to free points!

And redeeming your points is easy – just one click on the “Redeem” button in the rewards area when you are logged into your account and a code will be emailed to you.  Enter the code in the Promotion Code box at Checkout, and Voila!  Same item, lower price. How good is that?

Are you a frequent shopper?  Then you will benefit even more as you move up into our VIP Club, where you can earn up to 1.5x the points with each purchase. Why? Because you deserve it! 

So get started!  Jump over to and enroll to start earning points today.  And don’t forget, DOUBLE POINTS from now through the end of September.

See you in the next blog! (When I will have far more Top Drawer points than I have now!!!!)

Deb Fries works with the Julianna Rae team to offer the best shopping experience for quality silk and cotton sleepwear while also writing for the blog at