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Are you eating a rainbow this summer?

We are so happy Summer is here and it’s not just because of the longer days or the warmer evenings but for vacations, picnics, and the beach, too! But, the real cherry on top is the food. There are so many fresh, healthy choices to choose from everywhere you look. How about those fresh veggie & fruit stands alongside of the roads?(Hey – these were pop-ups before there were pop-ups!) AND, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your friendly farmer’s market?

Eating local is the best way to choose your produce because it’s going to be just about as fresh as if you’ve grown it yourself. And, another benefit of locally grown fruits and veggies is the taste! Produce in-season is packed with flavor because it travels the shortest distance from farm to table. This summer pick fresh, pick local, and pick colorful for a healthy plate every night! Check out the infographic below for why you should be packing your plate full of colors this summer…

This is why you should #eatarainbow! Infographic:

We hope you are now inspired to make a colorful plate every night (and day!). Here’s to your health!

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer who worked at Julianna Rae in Graphics and Customer Service and now writes for the blog at