Our Story

Our story begins with you (and us!).

We are healthy, active, independent women who have a sense of style and more importantly, of ourselves. Most of us do not look like supermodels (or regular models for that matter) but that doesn't mean we look like a bag of potatoes (no offense to potatoes - we love them in all forms!). We have grown up in an ever increasing and rapidly changing world, have been achieving more and more each year, and have gained the confidence to live life fully and pretty much on our own terms (we prefer guidelines to rules...) And yet, after all this time, there is really no one out there designing sleepwear and intimates that acknowledge how far we have come - stylish, beautiful and smart - with just an element of je ne sais quoi! We deserve clothes that fit our lifestyles and our bodies - clothes that make us look and feel great.

So we started Julianna Rae to bring you clothes that are made with you in mind. PJs you'll never want to take off. Chemises as beautiful on you as they are comfortable to you. Camis you'll wear at home, at the office or for a night on the town. And you've liked them so much, you've asked us to expand into bras and panties so you could wear Julianna Rae morning, noon, and night. The great fit of our designs and the wonderful fabrics we use make you feel like the fabulous person you are and look like the beautiful woman you've always been!

We're growing and we're excited you have joined us. And we continue to need your help! We have appreciated and incorporated much of the feedback you have given. Tell us what fits and what doesn't. Tell us what you like (and of course, what you don't). Tell us how we can make your shopping experience exceed your very high expectations. And of course, share us with all your friends. We are sure they would welcome the great experience of Julianna Rae, too.

Our door is always open. concierge@juliannarae.com