Silk Panties, Lace Panties, Thongs

Silk Panties for Women

Intimate, personal and part of your wardrobe every single day, panties are a prime piece of lingerie no women can do without. No woman should ever have to sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to panties, either, and we makes sure you don’t. Our collection of designer panties includes silk thongs, tap pants, silk lace panties and bikini underwear, all featuring high levels of comfort, quality and style. We know how important it is to have panties that look good, feel good and cause no unnecessary fidgeting, adjustment or discomfort. That’s why every single pair of luxury panties we carry must live up to our strict criteria and thorough testing. We wear what we sell!

Sexy Silk Panties with the Most Flattering Fit

We combine top-quality workmanship with the most exquisite lace and silk to craft luxury panties and intimate wear with no detail left unnoticed. The result is sexy silk panties that look and feel amazing, made from 100-percent pure mulberry silk and fabulous lace. Our women’s silk panties are balanced with just the right amount of lace and a bit of stretch so they fit like lingerie is supposed to: body-hugging and comfortable. Choose from silk thongs, silk bikinis and silk and lace boy shorts that are so sleek and stunning you may just feel guilty covering them up.

Silk Thongs and Tap Pants Pair Perfectly with Camis

On the days (and nights) when you’re feeling flirty and sexy, our silk lace thongs and silk tap pants make the perfect match with one of our silk camisoles or designer bras. Enjoy a put-together feel and look with silk camisole choices in a range of gorgeous colors paired with tap pants or boyshorts. Pair a silk bra with a pair of silk bikini panties with the same style and similar lace accents. Enjoy a daylong dash of confidence and ongoing sexy vibe when the lingerie you’re wearing beneath your clothes is one of the most striking aspects of your entire outfit.

Designer Panties with Just the Right Rise

At Julianna Rae, we pay extremely close attention to all the little details, especially the cut, trim and rise. Since you’re wearing them all day, every day, panties need to have a comfortable fit that ensures you look and feel your best. That’s why our luxury panties are cut for a close fit and moderately low rise, resulting in panty perfection. You get the ultimate fit without unsightly panty lines or unintentional peeks above the waistband of your favorite style pants and skirt. Your luxury panties are your exclusive secret to keep, although they are gorgeous enough to share with just the right company.

Our silk panties come in a range of color options including:
Black Silk Panties
Pink Silk Panties
White Silk Panties