Silk & Lace Panties, Thongs, Luxury Lingerie

Silk Panties for Women

No part of your wardrobe is more personal and intimate than your panties. Comfort is of course critical when selecting panties, but you may also be looking for a feminine touch or a sexy flair to suit your personal style or a special occasion. From silk thongs to tap pants, silk lace panties to bikini underwear, our fine collection of women’s designer panties will never make you sacrifice comfort for style. With a variety of cuts and styles, there’s a perfect pair of luxury panties for every woman – and every occasion – at Julianna Rae. 

Sexy Silk Panties with the Most Flattering Fit 

Julianna Rae combines top-quality workmanship with the most exquisite lace and silk to craft luxury panties and intimate wear with no detail left unturned. The result? Sexy silk panties that look and feel amazing, made from 100% pure mulberry silk balanced with just the right amount of lace and a bit of stretch so they fit like a glove. Our silk thongs, bikinis, and boy shorts are so sleek and stunning, you’ll feel guilty covering them up. 

Silk Thongs and Tap Pants Pair Perfectly with Camis

On the days (and nights) when you want to feel a little sexy, our silk lace thongs and tap pants are perfectly paired with one of our breathtakingly beautiful silk camisoles or ultra-fabulous designer bras to complete the look. Simultaneously sexy and comfortable, you never knew luxury panties could feel so fantastic. 

Finally, Designer Panties with the Right Rise 

At Julianna Rae, we pay close attention to those little details like cut, trim, and rise. A great fit is absolutely essential for a woman to look and feel her best, and every woman deserves to feel at the top of her game so she can conquer her day. That’s why our luxury panties are cut for a close fit and moderately low rise, resulting in the ultimate fit while eliminating unsightly panty lines and unintentional peeks above your favorite style-staple pants and skirts. Your luxury panties are your exclusive secret to keep.

Our silk panties come in a range of color options including:

Black Silk Panties

Pink Silk Panties

White Silk Panties