Luxury Silk Robes – Spa Robes for Women

Whether you want to look fabulous, feel fabulous or simply kick back in the lap of luxury, our ladies’ robes are the way to go. These sophisticated silk robes feature the finest real silk, while our spa robes are the most enchanting bathrobes for women you’ll ever find. That’s right. No frayed edges and matted materials here. Just top-of-the-line luxury.

Both our silk robes and spa robes are designed to combine optimum comfort with impeccable style. You get the comfort of the best materials, and the style from our amazing array of colors, lengths, details and designs.

Let’s start with our luxury silk robes. Brilliant may be the best way to describe them, as that’s exactly how our luxurious silk robes make you look and feel. Choose a long silk robe for full-body coverage, comfort and glamour, or a short silk robe for a sweetly sensational lounging option to ward off the morning or evening chill.

Our spa robes provide an extra layer of comfort with a sensationally soft lining crafted out of our exclusively milled micro-terry. Opt for a silk spa robe to keep the glamour factor high, or go for a smooth and pure cotton spa robe that envelopes you in an ongoing comfort cocoon.

Colors range from light and airy pastels to dramatically delicious darker reds, purples and blues. Enjoy multiple color options, some featuring exciting patterns and designs. The little details on our robes make a big impact, including side pockets, interior security ties, contrasting piping and lace trim.

If the promise of comfort and style isn’t enough to grab you, perhaps the high quality of our luxury robes will. We use only the finest-quality materials and skilled workmanship, with every detail carefully thought-out to ensure we’re producing the ideal combination of comfort and style. We do all the thinking so you don’t have to. All you need to do is wrap yourself in one of our luxury robes today.

Our silk robes come in a range of color options including:
Black Silk Robes
Pink Silk Robes