Pink Silk Robes, Designer, Lace

Pink Silk Robes for Women

A pink silk robe is the quintessential feminine, luxury garment, and Julianna Rae has a stunning collection from which to choose. We have short spa wraps, long robes or lacy silk robes, all to suit your mood, and all in the sweet and comforting color of pink. In addition to being deliciously feminine, pink is the color of warmth, comfort, love and compassion. You’ll be feeling it all when your embrace your body in one of our pink silky robes.

Pink Spa Wraps for an At-Home Spa Experience

Spending the day at a luxury spa brings on remarkable relaxation, and you can enjoy that same experience any time you wish with one of our pink spa wraps. Our silk spa robes are reversible, giving you the option of covering yourself in the indulgence of the finest silk or switching to the soft cotton mini terry side to absorb moisture after a relaxing soak in the tub. With the finest craftsmanship, ultimate versatility and the prettiest pink, our spa wraps provide you with a spa day every day, right in your very own home.

Short Pink Robes for Flirty Fun

We’re in love with short pink robes for their fun and flirty style, and we’ve hand-picked the top designer styles to make you fall in love with them, too. Our Indulgence Silk Wrap fits like a dream, making you feel as if you’re draped in soft rose petals. Gorgeous lace cuffs add to the short robe’s overall elegance, while the enchanting pink color finishes off the look with a darling dash of sweetness.

Long Pink Robes for an Elegant Look

If you want to embrace yourself in head-to-toe luxury, our long pink robes are the ideal choice for you. Our full-length pink silk robes add an instant sense of glamour the moment you slip them on, with soft silk draping you in just the right places for a flattering fit. There is something extremely special about being draped in pink silk after a long, hard day or when you wake up with the morning sun. That special experience can be yours every single day of the week with a long pink robe from Julianna Rae.

Whether you go for a pink spa wrap, short robe or long robe, you’ll be going for top-of-the-line elegance and the purest silk with our pink silk robes.