Luxury Silk Nightgowns, Silk Chemises

Luxurious Silk Nightgowns and Chemises for Women

For ultimate comfort and instant style, you can’t beat a women’s nightgown. The comfort and style get even more luxurious and intriguing when the nightgown is a sumptuous silk chemise or luxury silk nightie. A must-have staple for your nightwear wardrobe, our collection of silk nightgowns for women offers styles to suit your every mood, occasion and taste. Opt for one of our sexy silk nighties when you’re feeling flirty, or slip into one of our long silk nightgowns when you’re in a more sophisticated mood. Whatever your mood, you’ll find our luxury nightgowns have an option that matches the vibe.

Long Silk Nightgowns for Classic Style

A long silk nightgown creates a timeless look, especially when it’s spun from luxurious silk. Our carefully selected, high-quality silk gently drapes every curve with perfection, creating the elegant profile every woman deserves. Our impeccable attention to the most intricate details means our long nightgowns fit and flatter your natural body shape while still allowing room for movement. Lounging in style has never felt or looked so good.

Silk Chemise Nightgowns for a Sexy and Modern Vibe

Silk chemise nightwear is the ideal choice for a luxury nightie with a modern and sexy vibe. One part sexy and one part sweet, our chemise nightgowns come in an array of colors and styles. Opt for feminine details, like a touch of lace in just the right place or choose a cotton chemise for a sportier style. Both our cotton and silk chemises offer a modern touch without losing the timeless perfection you find in all quality sleepwear.

Luxury Nightgowns for Every Woman

Every woman deserves a taste of luxury, and our nightgowns provide a sensational way to get it. Our collection of nighties offers the ultimate combination of comfort and opulence, made with only the finest silks and highest-quality cotton. Our cotton and silk women’s nightgowns feel just as good as they look, and they look “maaahvelous” indeed! Even better is their ability to withstand the test of time, standing up to regular wear without losing an ounce of the natural beauty that only 100 percent mulberry silk provides. An all-season fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, silk is the perfect choice for year-round sleepwear, making our collection of silk and lace chemises and nightgowns always the perfect choice. Pamper yourself today. Shop our nightgowns now.

Our silk nightgowns and chemises come in a range of color options including:
Black Silk Nightgowns
White Silk Nightgowns