The Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is coming up and oh, the pressure! The truth is all women love receiving beautiful lingerie that makes them look and feel gorgeous. But, we know, just the thought of walking into one of those excessively lavender-scented feminine stores with everyone giving you sideways glances makes you break out into a sweat and weak in the knees.

Fear no more – online shopping to the rescue! Follow this simple guide to buying lingerie and together, we’ll have your sweetheart turn into mush, not you.

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The Sensuality of Color

Color communicates without even speaking. Human and animal understand its universal language. We feel the rush of red, pink, orange and yellow; the soothing, smooth, cooling of greens and blues; the deep rich mystery of black and purple. Color can explode our senses, taps into our sensuality, and inspires us. Color helps us feel … alive! Let’s take a deeper look (pun intended!) at color “speak” …

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4 Ideas to Help You Celebrate or Survive Inauguration Day

Audience members wave flags from the National Mall during the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, Jan. 21, 2013. photo by Staff Sgt. Mark Fayloga

Inauguration Day – love it or hate it – is fast approaching.  Maybe your candidate won and you want to express your happiness; maybe your candidate didn’t win and you have blackened out the 20th on your calendar and need some ways to cope.  Happy or sad we give you some ideas for experiencing January 20th, 2017 as the historic day it will be.… And as always, winners get to go first.

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7 Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep!

Honestly, 2016 was a tough year. It doesn’t matter what color state you live in, what you eat for breakfast, or what car you drive – it was just a tough year. So instead of going after goals that sap your will to live, such as lose weight, eat more kale, or spend less money for 2017, we at Julianna Rae asked everyone here to contribute one New Year’s resolution that they wanted to do and then voted on the 7 options that met two criteria: 1) are achievable, and 2) would make 2017 a better year for all of us!

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