#TBT – Round the Clock Pajama

round the clock pajamas_whiteIts like looking at a picture of a long lost friend when we see these pj’s!  Our hearts fluttered a little bit… Why name this style “Round the Clock”?  You guessed it!  Because they were that comfortable with a relaxed fit and drawstring waist and let’s not forget to mention the soft cotton fabric. You thought we only did silk?  We love cotton just as much as silk, both are hypoallergenic and non-irritating fabrics for our skin and make for a gorgeous pajama that you will want to wear “around the clock”!  Check out our large selection of silk and cotton pj’s and get a pair of your own.

#TBT – Love Letters Pajama

love letters pajama

At Julianna Rae we design pajamas so comfortable you won’t want to take them off, even when there’s gardening to do!  Why?  Because after seeing the fruits of our labor who doesn’t want a wheelbarrow full?  The Love Letters Pajama is no longer being “grown” but we have many other selections dripping in lace at the sleeves and leg cuffs, seductively trimmed in piping, and the silk is… well, perfect!