Elegant Black Nightgowns, Silk and Lace Nighties

Black Silk Nightgowns for Women

Nightwear for women doesn’t get much more luxurious than a long, black, silk nightgown… until, of course, you consider the silk chemise. Silk elegantly drapes your body and surrounds you in luxury as you lounge and sleep. Delicate lace in all the right places adds to the allure. The color black is seductive and flatters your shape. A silk nightgown or chemise from Julianna Rae’s collection is the tasteful, designer sleepwear you deserve.

Long Silk Nightgowns for Looking Absolutely Gorgeous

Long nightgowns made of silk and lace are the ultimate in grace and elegance. Our black designer nightgowns feature deep V necklines and beautiful lace for an incredibly gorgeous, sexy look. Both the cut and rich color of our black nightwear for women will flatter your body and make you feel as beautiful as you look. You won’t want to wait for the sun to go down to slip into one of our lace nightgowns.

Black Lace Chemise Nightgowns 

Black lace chemises from Julianna Rae have it all – beauty, indulgence, and comfort – so that you will feel sexy and glamorous every time you put yours on. Our black lace nighties are soft and supple, with 100% silk fabric. The rich, gorgeous embroidered lace adds to the feminine appeal of the silk chemise as it softly graces your curves.

Indulge Yourself In a Sexy Black Nightgown

Nighties from Julianna Rae are made of the finest silk that is soft and sensual. Our elegant black nightgowns are the indulgence you deserve. Because we craft them using silk with a higher than average thread count, our nightgowns are easy to care for and will leave you feeling and looking gorgeous for years to come. Choose from our many black silk nighties and slip into sexy luxury every night.