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20 Thanksgiving themed front door decorating ideas to welcome family and friends

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about abundance and being together. Even before your family and friends sit down to eat a fabulous meal the home should be as welcoming as the menu.  The first place to start?  Your front door of course!  It’s the first place to make your home inviting and warm while making guests feel welcomed.  With all the effort that goes into a Thanksgiving dinner, getting the house ready (inside and out) can be daunting, but do not worry… we’ve gathered some amazing front doors to inspire you.  From simple decor, elegant entryways, vibrant decorations, playful presentations, to neutral and classic looks we think you’ll wish you had more than one front door!

Simple doesn’t have to be boring

And you’ll agree especially after you see how a simple wreath or spray of sunflowers can brighten up the entrance to a welcoming home.

This brilliant blue door looks peaceful with a wreath of golden wheat and contrasts nicely with the white mums and single bright orange pumpkin.  The blue accent chair looks like it’s waiting for visitors!
Left, this teal door needs nothing other than the gorgeous spray of sunflowers, PHOTO:  Right, this welcoming entryway looks so cozy with the matching plaid blanket, simple wreath and interesting pumpkins and greenery.  The inviting wooden sign is the chef’s kiss! PHOTO: 

Swoon-worthy elegant entryways

This next collection of impressive doorways will take your breath away.  Take inspiration from the gorgeous garlands created by the designers with fall flowers, greenery, ribbon, and other botanical collections. 

The leaf garland draped around this doorway is eye candy for fall lovers and we are in love with the matching wreath and sprinkling of pumpkins and lanterns lining the stairs!  PHOTO:
Left, how inviting is this beautiful display of falls finest botanicals?  PHOTO: Melanie Lissack Interiors  Right, How do you like those apples?  What a great idea for a wreath while giving off a sense of abundance and autumn wonder.  PHOTO: Better Homes and Gardens
Left, another exquisite garland and although a fern is not traditionally used for Thanksgiving, it is magnificent here.  PHOTO: Peacock Ridge Farm  Right, minimal yet elegant with just the right amount of natural plants and black accents.  Photo: Sweet Something Design

Lively elements add vibrance

Adding vibrant colors and elements to decorating helps to create these lively entrances, perfect for a memorable holiday. 

Left, we love how the blue pops against the warmth of the orange on this door.  The magnolia leaf wreath in navy and shades of orange create a surprisingly lively combination.  PHOTO: Wild Country Home  Right, the non-traditional plants in the urns really help to create a vibrant entryway.  Our favorite elements are the bag of lush fall flowers and the pumpkins painted with the home numbers.  PHOTO:  At the Picket Fence
Left, the bright red in the apples, oranges in the foliage and bright yellows really make this door pop!  PHOTO:  Right, This is a modern and welcoming front door that any guest would be excited to knock on.  PHOTO:  The Paper Mamma

Playful surprise

There isn’t a need to use only traditional colors and elements when decorating.  Bringing in a happy and unusual color or objects can really show off your fun side… so have some fun with it! 

Left, Hot pink for thanksgiving?  Sure!  It totally works on the plaids and stripes of the painted pumpkins!  PHOTO: Dimples and Tangles  Right, This simple and fun front door is just waiting for the doorbell to ring!
Left, lavender and orange do mix and look warm and welcoming against the backdrop of this white door.  PHOTO:  The Pink Dream  Right, This pastel entryway is remarkably creative and looks wonderfully warm and inviting with copper lanterns, wicker pumpkins with colorful wheat wreath.   The addition of fall greenery and squash create a joyful fall entryway.  PHOTO:  Tater Tots and Jello

Neutral and Chic

Neutral colors can sometimes come off as bland but not here.  The soft colors and design objects present a polished and chic look.

Soft colors play off the large doorway making the large doorway seem less imposing while the unusual wreath shows off the home’s fall flare.  PHOTO:  Thrifty and Chic
Left, the white pumpkins and candles and soft feather wreath plays off nicely with the lush ferns and we love the inviting door mat.  PHOTO: A Blissful Nest  Right, the combination of soft yellow, white, and black creates a homey and inviting entryway.  PHOTO:  Home Stories

Classic yet festive

These front doors below are swaddled in classic elements like pumpkins, lanterns, wreaths and bring in the traditional colors of fall like deep golds, bright yellow, and earthy browns.  With the implementation of fresh greenery, the decorations look lush and inviting.

Left, we love the minimalism of the front door combined with the showy abundance of gourds, pumpkins and greenery lining the steps.  Right, this farmhouse door is awash in traditional fall decorating elements creating a warm welcome.  PHOTO:  Better Homes and Gardens
A classic front door is dressed up in traditional fall foliage, colors, and containers.  PHOTO:  Better Homes and Gardens

It’s time to get excited to spend quality time with friends and family around the Thanksgiving table. And, if you are hosting this year then we hope we inspired you to create a welcoming entrance to the holiday. After all that decorating check out our pajama and sleep mask sale so you can get some quality sleep before the busy holiday season! We’ll see you in the next blog!

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