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Silk Secrets: Expert Tips to Smoothing Out Wrinkles for a Flawless Look 

Silk won’t look as amazing when it’s a wrinkled mess… smooth out the creases with our handy tips! PHOTO:

Silk is renowned for its luxurious texture and smooth drape and it’s one of the reasons it makes such a beautiful garment.  However, wrinkles happen and that’s just a fact of life whether they are found on our face or our clothing!   

We often get asked how to get wrinkles out of silk and we fully understand this vexing problem because we’ve had to tackle it many times ourselves!  Understanding how to manage and prevent wrinkles and why they happen in the first place is the key to maintaining silk’s pristine look.  Read on to find out how we tackle the creases!  

A silk camisole top won’t look quite as amazing with wrinkles! PHOTO:

But first, we think you should know that at Julianna Rae we choose to keep our silk fabric as natural as possible and do NOT use anti-wrinkle chemicals of any kind during the manufacturing process.  This is a plus for you because the chemicals in permanent press treatments and wrinkle-free finishes can pose health risks to you.  Are you aware that… 

  • Many anti-wrinkle treatments use formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing agents to prevent creasing.  This is a chemical that we should never choose to “wear” on our skin because it is a known carcinogen and can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues.   
  • The production and disposal of anti-wrinkle chemicals is a highly negative impact on the environment.  These chemicals pollute waterways and soil and harm wildlife and ecosystems, contributing to the overall chemical load in the environment causing long-term ecological consequences. 
A close up look at silk fibers

Wrinkles don’t look so bad now, right?  Look, silk is going to wrinkle, primarily due to its natural protein structure.  Made from fibroin, silk fibers have a unique molecular arrangement that provides both strength and flexibility.  However, this structure also makes silk prone to creasing under certain conditions including: 

  1. Pressure and Weight:  Silk’s delicate fibers are easily compressed.  When subjected to pressure, such as being folded or crushed (e.g. sat on!), the fibers can form creases.  This is especially common when silk garments are stored improperly or packed tightly in luggage. 
  1. Heat Sensitivity:  Silk is sensitive to high temps.  When exposed to heat, its protein fibers can lose their structure and become misshaped leading to wrinkles.  This is seen after washing, ironing or even from our body heat. 
  1. Lack of Elasticity:  Unlike some synthetic fibers, silk lacks elasticity.  This means that once a crease forms the fabric doesn’t easily return to its original shape without intervention such as steaming or ironing. 

Even if you don’t care how the wrinkles got there we can all agree silk looks better without them!  So, how do we go about smoothing out those creases?  Most important, always use a gentle technique to avoid damaging your favorite silk garment.  Here are some effective methods for banishing wrinkles… 

  1. Steam 
  • Steam Iron: Use a steam iron on the lowest heat setting suitable for silk. Hold the iron a few inches away from the fabric and use the steam function to relax the wrinkles. Avoid direct contact with the iron to prevent scorching. 
  • Garment Steamer: A garment steamer is ideal for silk. Hang the silk garment and slowly run the steamer up and down, allowing the steam to penetrate and smooth out wrinkles.  Check out below how we wrangle a wrinkly chemise with our steamer at the warehouse…
  1.  Shower Method 
  • Hang the silk garment in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam from the shower will help release the wrinkles. Ensure the garment is not in direct contact with water to prevent water spots. 
  1. Pressing with a Cloth or Smoothing out 
  • Place a thin cotton cloth or pressing cloth over the silk garment. 
  • Set the iron to a low heat setting (silk setting if available). 
  • Lightly press the iron over the cloth-covered silk. This indirect method protects the silk from direct heat and prevents damage. 
  • Because silk dries so quickly, simply smooth the garment out while damp (after handwashing) and they will dry the way they are left.  If you leave them wrinkled, they will dry wrinkled.   
  1. Hanging and Spritzing 
  • Lightly spritz the silk garment with distilled water using a spray bottle. 
  • Gently pull and smooth out the fabric with your hands. 
  • Hang the garment to air dry. The weight of the water and the hanging process will help eliminate wrinkles. 
  1. Professional Cleaning 
  • For heavily wrinkled silk items, consider taking them to a professional dry cleaner. Professionals have the appropriate tools and expertise to handle silk properly. 

Additional Tips: 

  • Avoid High Heat: High temperatures can damage silk fibers, causing them to lose their sheen and strength. 
  • Store Properly: To prevent wrinkles, store silk garments by hanging them in a well-ventilated closet with ample space. 
  • Travel Care: When traveling, roll silk garments instead of folding them to minimize creases. You can also place them in a garment bag to protect them. 

By using these gentle methods, you can effectively remove wrinkles from your silk clothing while preserving its delicate texture and appearance for many happy years of wearing!  We’ll see you in the next blog and until then… stay wrinkle-free! 

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