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Eat your heart out!  Show Your Passion with a Heart-Shaped Inspired Valentine’s Dinner

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Welcome to February, the month with the most romantic of holidays!  Have you and your significant other made dinner plans yet?  If not, then act fast to secure a table because after Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day is the second-busiest day of the year for restaurants.  Interestingly, Google searches for restaurants peak in the days leading up to February 14th with Italian restaurant searches the greatest followed by French, Spanish, Mexican, and then American.  Even sushi is a big hit because it’s perfect for sharing.  If you’re lucky your favorite restaurant will even craft heart-shaped sushi rolls!

Speaking of heart shaped… Few things express love better than a personally prepared meal and we’re here to inspire you with a heart-themed romantic dinner for two, complete with suggestions for a captivating tablescape and adorable napkin-folding ideas. Considering that approximately 63% of Americans plan to either dine out or opt for takeout on February 14th, sidestepping the crowds and orchestrating your own memorable meal would undoubtedly make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience!

Set the Mood

Setting a table for Valentine’s Day is a delightful way to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere for a special celebration with your loved one. And paying attention to the details can make the evening that much more memorable.  Choose a color scheme that reflects the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day. Classic choices include shades of red, pink, and white and think about incorporating gold or silver accents for an extra touch of elegance.  Pretty plates and glasses chosen just for the evening will say a lot about just how loved your sweetheart is!  

Setting a romantic table can be as extravagant as you want to make it. can show you 16 Ways to create a romantic table.  PHOTO:  House Beautiful

Details, Details

Once you’ve set the scene with pretty table settings let your imagination go with details that are sure to delight your Valentine.  Add a stunning centerpiece that captures the essence of love, scatter some rose petals, or pull together a combination of flowers and candles that will add a romantic touch to the table.   A romantic napkin fold will really leave them stunned

Left, No Valentine’s Day table is complete without a special napkin fold, Kate from shows you how!  PHOTO:  southernhomeandhospitality.comRight, If you have time to create a lovely centerpiece give this easy but gorgeous floral vase a try.  You can color coordinate the candy and flowers to make your table pop!  PHOTO:

For Starters

Show your love to your Valentine the minute they walk in the door with something to sip while the dinner is prepared and of course something to nibble on too.  If it’s heart-shaped even better – both heart-shaped?  That’s double the love!

Left, Who knew a simple cut and twist and you’ve got cute little heart-shaped tomatoes for these delightful Valentine Caprese Skewers?  PHOTO:  Right, Set the mood with easy to make champagne and strawberry ice cubes, these fun ice cubes can be added to bubbly/sparkling wine cocktails, white sangria, or give an extra special touch to a glass of champagne.  PHOTO:

The “Hearty” Main Course

Instead of hearts on your sleeve they will be on your plate with this hearty main course of salad, pasta and garlic bread.  Healthy grilled romaine salad is dressed up with heart healthy and heart-shaped avocado.  This salad is the perfect complement to a 4-Cheese Ravioli that isn’t in the traditional circle or square.  Here, ‘Every Day Annie’ shows you just how easy it is to roll out your pasta dough, press it into bite-sized hearts and fill with a delicious four cheese stuffing.  Top with a little sauce and get ready to dunk your garlic bread because it will be a dinner to remember!

Top left & right, Your Valentine will swoon when they see this heart stopping plate of pasta!  Get the recipe at left, Hop over to to get the recipe for this grilled romaine salad with poppyseed dressing and heart-shaped avocado – you won’t be sorry once you see – and taste – just how good it is!  PHOTO:   Bottom right, It doesn’t matter if you have garlic breath when you both do!  These easy to make Garlic Knot Hearts are made of Pillsbury dough and a lot of love.  Morgan shows you how easy it is at  PHOTO:

Something Sweet for your Sweetheart

Show your Valentine that your heart is in the right place with a sweet treat to end the night with this adorable heart-shaped cherry cheesecake made with ricotta and a touch of honey.  And, of course, when topped with sweet, red cherries, this delectable dessert will have them begging for just one more slice! 

Serve your special date a romantic slice of heaven with this cheese cake made of ricotta with a touch of honey and a crust of crushed ginger cookies.   The cherry topping is made with a hint of vanilla, cardamom and ginger extracts.  Check out the recipe at  PHOTO:

So, there we have it!  A complete Valentine’s Day dinner that will be remembered for a lifetime.  The only problem will be how you’ll top it next year.  If you’re still looking for a gift, there’s still time to order something amazing – check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide or our Cami & Tap sale with selections from both that are sure to make your lover’s heart flutter!  Until then we’ll see you in the next blog!

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