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How to Declutter Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is here! And although it may not feel like it quite yet, getting your house clean and organized in time for the nice weather will really help you enjoy the sun. Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. If you plan it out, have the right materials, you can have a peaceful and streamlined home that you can enjoy and relax in.

Have a plan


Having a game plan of what you want to declutter will be very helpful. Write it down and hang it on your fridge to keep yourself accountable. If you want to do a quick declutter in a day, just take on the 3 areas in your house that need it most –  like a linen closet or a drawer that accumulated all of the odds and ends in your house. If you want to do a whole house declutter, break it down by the sections of the room. For example:
• donate clothes that are never worn (yes, we’re talking to you saving the jeans from three sizes ago!)
• put winter clothes away for storage
• organize shoe rack

• donate books never read (come on, they’ve been on your list for ten years!)
• arrange them by color
• add a plant

Gather your supplies

decluttering cleaning supplies

The best thing to do with a declutter is to donate as much as you can. It’s better for the environment and can give your items a well deserved second life. Get the largest box you can find for donations, trash bags for broken items and items that cannot be recycled, and your favorite cleaning supplies.

Get in the right mood

decluttering candle

Cleaning and organizing is not on everyone’s list of fun things to do for the day. Unless you’re the girls from The Home Edit, of course. Getting in the right frame of mind can make this process much more enjoyable. So light your favorite candles, get into some comfy clothes, and put on that killer playlist to keep you moving and motivated!

Take it all out

declutter 1 linen.jpg

And I mean EVERYTHING. And give the area you cleared out a good wiping and or vacuuming. Starting with a fresh clean slate will ease the process of what you’re putting back into that space. You will be more mindful and thoughtful of what you put back. Would you put back a jar of sticky jelly into a fridge that you just wipes out? You’d probably wipe down the jar first creating a clean space.

Be thoughtful of what you put back


In the words of Mari Kondo “only put back what sparks joy”.  Ask yourself these three questions

  1. Do I wear or use this often?
  2. Do I feel good when wearing or using this item?
  3. Does it enhance my life?

If you don’t have a resounding yes for any of those questions, come up with really good reasons why NOT to part ways with it.

Now wasn’t that easy? Don’t forget to reward yourself after your decluttering spree with a long and rewarding spa night in your newly cleaned and organized bathroom with the Heavenly Spa Robe Set.

decluttering spa.jpg