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Say “Bye, Bye Bedhead” with a Mane-Taming Silk Pillowcase!

Using natural fabrics like silk for bedding is a win-win! Less bed head, fewer wrinkles, and dry skin! Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

We’ve spent many a blog talking about the benefits of silk. Whether it’s used for viral protection as a facemask, lovingly wrapping you up in its warmth as a robe, adding some sparkle to your daytime wardrobe, or lulling you to sleep in luxurious pj’s, we think silk is pretty magical! But, have you ever dropped your head onto a silk-covered pillow at the end of the day? If not, then you’re missing out!

“Really, could it be all that?” you ask. You betcha! So, just what are you missing?

For one, silk has been proven to smooth hair while locking in moisture. With a silk pillowcase, less friction means fewer tangles and less flyaways for your locks. Yes, that’s right! The silky, smoothness of this fabric helps hair slide and glide over your pillow all night long. 

Silk can keep locks untangled even for the most restless of sleeper! Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Now we’re not calling cotton the enemy – there are many, many benefits to cotton, but it’s the porous and rougher nature of cotton that can cause problems like sucking the moisture (and the life) out of your hair while snagging it up into a tangled mess. With a silk pillowcase, bid adieu to these hair calamities!

Now, who hasn’t woken up with wrinkles ironed onto their face from a restless night? And, they don’t appear just from tossing and turning. Pressure wrinkles can make their way onto your face from thicker surfaces like cotton so it just makes sense that a smoother fabric such as silk will be more gentle on skin. 

Who needs MORE wrinkles? Not you! A silk pillowcase can keep skin hydrated while keeping pressure wrinkles off your face. Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

Dry skin? Then you should definitely try a silk pillowcase! Again, the porous nature of cotton can pull out moisture from our face while silk is hydrophobic so it won’t pull the moisture from our face or that pricey night cream you just slathered on before bedtime.

Lastly, the temperature regulation of a silk pillowcase can help with overheating or take the edge off a chilly night.  

Silk has less friction than other natural fabrics, maybe you’ll even slip into sleep a lot fast! (Note: we didn’t find any research on this fact 🙂 Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

If sleep is important to you (and it should be!) then replacing one of your cotton pillowcases with one made of silk adds the “beauty” to your beauty sleep!

We know we can get carried away…Silk pillowcases won’t erase wrinkles on your face that are already there or magically soothe all of your hair’s ills, but it can certainly help. Want to try one now and say buh-bye to bedhead, sleep wrinkles, and hotheads with a silk pillowcase? Check out our Sleep-On Silk Pillowcase in classic white with midnight blue piping (you know we love gorgeous details). And, if you’re looking for the perfect way to express your love for someone, this is one luxurious gift… think Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, BFF’s or just because.   See you in the next blog friends!

Choosing silk for your pillowcase might just be the best choice you make for a great night’s sleep! Pillowcase: Julianna Rae Sleep-On Silk Pillow Case in Gardenia with classic Indigo trim.

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer, she worked with Julianna Rae in customer service and graphics.  She now writes lifestyle pieces for the blog at