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Summer Solstice:  What will you wear on the Longest day of the year?

 We love the Summer Solstice so much we believe it should be a national holiday!  What’s not to love about the longest day of the year for us up here in the northern hemisphere?  (Sorry southern hemisphere!) Not only is the sun gracing us with its loving light for almost 16 hours (to be exact 15 hours and 17 minutes in Boston… but who’s counting?) It’s also the first official day of SUMMER and it’s strawberry season!  YAY YAY and double YAHOO!


If you’re packing to celebrate the solstice at Stonehenge we’ve got some perfect selections for the longest day of the year.  Only going to the office and out for drinks after? Even better! We got versatility down; just check out our travel blog where we fill our suitcase WITH. JUST. SIX. PIECES.  

So, what could we wear on the longest day of the year?  For starters we would pick the perfect cami top because they are best for layering and look great dressed up or down.  Take a few tips from our “Welcome Spring in silk pj’s” blog to select the right undergarments because the right first layer pieces will take your look from lumpy to luscious in a hot minute.


There is such a thing as the perfect cami top and thankfully we’ve got more than one!  Top right: Indulgence Silk Camisole Top in Sand Dollar (of course, the perfect color for the solstice!) and bottom left: Moonlight Serenade Silk Camisole Top in (of course) Moonlight!  The solstice is also when delicious strawberries ripen and why June’s moon is named the strawberry moon.

Casual Friday we go from the office to offline. Let’s pair a cami with jeans, layer on a jacket, and then get laid back. Got a more dressy Friday going on? The silk cami looks just as good with a skirt and suit jacket. Bare your arms at lunch-time to get your solstice on. You’ll be recharged enough to plow through your afternoon workload without that coffee.

Nothing makes us happier than dressing lighter. Wanna show some leg on your solstice date or long night out with the girls?  How about a sexy pair of silk shorts?  They are as comfortable to wear and gorgeous to look at.  Try a plain print cami on top, cute T-shirt or show off all that gym time with a crop top.


Show off your gams in a pair of delightfully light and airy silk shorts like these from our Paradise Found Silk PJ’s.  Then complete the outfit with a Paradise Found Silk Camisole Top in Gardenia, mmm!  This look can dress up or down with a strappy pair of heels or a cotton t-shirt, it’s ladies choice after all!

What better way to celebrate a late sunset and the longest day of the year than in the Allura Silk Long Gown.  You’ll feel uber glam in bed but also luxuriously comfy as you watch the last flicker of pink sink from the solstice sky.


Every girl should have a “sunset worthy” nightgown!  Get one… Allura Long Gown in Bella!

So now we ask… what will you wear on the longest day of the year?

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer, she has worked for Julianna Rae in graphics and customer service and now writes lifestyle pieces for