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A Holiday Away… Lighten your Suitcase with 6 versatile pieces from Julianna Rae

Planning a New Year’s getaway but hate the packing?  Or, maybe you’re just last minute with all the holiday happenings. In this blog post we show you six of our most versatile pieces that can be worn day or night so you can concentrate on looking good and having fun instead of wondering what to bring.  

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If travel is on your horizon you’re not alone, according to AAA almost 7 million people will travel just by air this holiday season  Trending for vacation travel this holiday and first part of 2019 are experiential travel  – exploring the cultural side of a country and warm weather destinations to escape winter.  

With so many places in the world to explore you can go, do and see just about anything like riding a camel in Marrakech, visit the Cloud Forest in Singapore or take a night-time photo workshop in one of the International Dark Skies communities Borrego Springs, California.  

So, what are you waiting for? Well, perhaps it’s the stress of packing! This chore is ranked second in the top four stressors for travelers according to Travel Agent Central – that’s 49% of respondents!

In fact, a survey by Wyndham Vacation Rentals found that half of all respondents disliked packing so much that they would give up alcohol for a month or (gasp!) social media for a week to avoid doing it!

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That’s drastic, but what’s more drastic is the state of vacationing in the U.S.  Project: Time Off has uncovered an alarming trend: over the last 40 years, American vacation usage has declined dramatically and that 52% percent of us leave vacation time on the table. 

Whew, people!  Let’s break out of our chains for a week and have some fun!

If you are one of the 49% that have an aversion to packing the best approach would be to start early and keep it light. Whether going to a cold or hot destination, picking versatile pieces from your closet is going to be your best bet,(going naked is also an option!) No one likes lugging heavy suitcases around!

So, what would our suitcase look like for a trip to the Royal Davui Island Resort in Fiji???

We plan to take these items of clothing, (shoes, etc not included on list) and using just six pieces from our Julianna Rae closet to cover most of what is on our list (checked items covered by Julianna Rae pieces):

  • Bathing suit
  • Bathing suit cover up ✓
  • Casual top ✓
  • Casual bottom ✓
  • Casual jacket ✓
  • Dress for Evening ✓
  • Evening bottoms ✓
  • Evening Top ✓
  • Pajamas ✓

Our Picks in Six:

Pieces 1 & 2 as Beach and pool cover-up, casual look top and bottom:

Either one of our pure cotton hoodies would be great for this vacation.  The J’Adore Cotton Hoodie is modern and functional and will work as a casual outer layer for cool breezes or air conditioned lobbies. Even better, looks fab as a beach or pool cover up.  Bring along our cotton J’Adore Short Sleeve Pjs and you can pair the top with jeans for exploring or the shorts with a comfy t-shirt and golden tan.  Long day of touring? This outfit easily goes to bed with you when you’re tired!

Pieces 3, 4, 5, & 6 as an evening dress up or down

When you’re ready to check out the nightlife or enjoy dinner at an elegant restaurant our Paradise Found Silk Slip Nightgown would be the perfect choice.  You can show off your glowing skin in this knee length silk nightgown which becomes a slip dress for the evening. Of course our Natalya Silk Pajamas in Inked Rose would also be a great choice. Pair the bottoms of this pj set with the Paradise Found Silk Cami in Onyx for instant pizzazz. And, the cami itself plays two roles!  We’ve made it so you can wear either side in front – one side a very modern halter neck for instant glam, the other a V-neck. Wear it one night, flip it around the next and no one will be the wiser!  

Of course, if your evening is a little more casual wear a pair of silk shorts from our Newest Crush Silk Short Sleeve Pajama and simple t-shirt topped with a sweater will make the perfect outfit for an evening stroll on the beach.


This pushes us over 6 pieces, but who doesn’t love extras?  If our resort has a spa we would definitely take along an Il Cieli Spa Wrap or the J’Adore Short Cotton Spa Wrap. Both robes come lined with a soft micro-terry so makes for a welcoming wrap for aprés massage or shower.

And finally, we’ll use the Midnight Flight Travel Bag and large and small lingerie wash bags to keep our suitcase organized. The Midnight Flight Travel Bag comes with two zippered compartments and can be rolled or laid flat to fit in our amazingly roomy suitcase!

Are you planning a vacation soon?  How much do you love or hate packing?  Let us know in the comment section below!