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5 Outstanding Gift Ideas for the BEST Bridesmaids

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With March quickly coming to a close, our thoughts turn to spring.  Yes, on a morning when some of us in New England woke up to snow this morning, spring is definitely on our minds.  Along with the joy of warmer weather, longer days, and new buds and blooms, weddings are back on!  The New York Times claims 2022 is a “Boom Year for Brides and Grooms”.  Given that we’ve gone through two years of a pandemic there are a lot of pent-up celebrations about to pop.  

Of course, at any wedding, the focus is mainly on the bride (sorry grooms!) but today our focus is on the bridesmaids because these ladies are the power behind the bride.  Through thick and thin, the bridesmaids help with all the details of the wedding without complaint. They wear what the bride wants (and pay for it too!), plan and throw the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and attend all wedding events.  Whew, that’s a lot of responsibility…and no small expense!  

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So, thanking them for a job well done is where the bridesmaid gifts come in.  There are no set rules on gift-giving for bridesmaids, or even if it is necessary, but it is a wonderful way to show gratitude for a job well done and for the support of getting the bride to her big day.  And when considering how much it costs the bridesmaid to be part of the wedding; for things like dress and shoes, hotel room, travel costs, wedding and shower gifts, wedding planning website, etc.,  The Knot suggests “between $75 – $150 per person is a generous thank-you gift.”

With that price point in mind, you’ve come to the right place for thanking the devoted bridesmaid…

Silk Camisole – This is a gift that keeps giving!  Elegant and versatile, a silk cami can be worn day or night and can be dressed down for some casual fun or dressed up for events like a rehearsal dinner!

The gift that keeps on giving… a silk cami can be worn in so many different ways! Now if you can only choose which one to give… 1. Tivoli Silk Camisole in Bella (5 colors available). 2. Grazioso Silk Camisole in Merigue (4 colors available). 3. Paradise Found 2-Way Silk Camisole in Roca (5 colors available).

Tap Pant – Another great gift (especially if you pair it with a matching cami!).  Silk tap pants are the ultimate feminine gift.  Pair our sexiest tap, from the Moonlight Serenade collection with its stunning Leavers lace and a cute bridesmaid-themed tank for getting ready right before the wedding.

100% Silk Tap pants will let the bridesmaid know how much they are appreciated! 1. Moonlight Serenade Silk Tap Pant in Lotus (3 colors available. 2. Le Soir Dream Silk Tap Pant in Alabaster (4 colors available). 3. Tivoli Silk Tap Pant in Bella (6 colors available). 4. Indulgence Silk Tap Pant in Opulence (8 colors available).

Silk Pillow Case – Give the bridesmaid the ultimate thank you, a head of shiny, healthy hair and smooth, hydrated skin after a great night’s sleep on silk (especially important right before the wedding day!).

A dreamy silk pillowcase makes a perfect thank you gift! Above, Sleep-On Sill Pillowcase in Gardenia (3 colors available).

Midnight flight Travel Bag – Bridesmaids will appreciate a silk travel bag for keeping intimates organized (one side for clean, one for worn) especially if they are traveling for the wedding.  Make it an extra special gift and gift the luxury travel set which includes the silk travel bag and travel size natural shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and handmade goat’s milk soap.

Thank the bridesmaid with a practical yet glamorous Silk Travel Bag, choose the bag alone or one complete with handmade soaps and natural lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Left, Bon Voyage Travel Kit Right, Midnight Flight Travel Bag shown in Black (4 colors available).

Play Favorites Cotton PJ’s – Where weddings are concerned, every event is a photo-op, and imagine the bridal PJ party where every gal is dressed in Play Favorites Cotton PJ’s.  The gift will leave lasting memories of girl-time spent with the bride long after the wedding is over!

Cute and comfy is how to describe these cotton pj’s! Pick a color that goes with the wedding theme, Left, Play Favorites Short Sleeve Cotton Pajamas in Dreamsicle, Right, Milkshake, Below Left, Play Favorites Short Sleeve Cotton Pajamas in Azalea, Right, Bloom.

For all those bridesmaids out there, past and future, we raise a toast in honor of all they do, see you in the next blog!

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer and worked at Julianna Rae in graphics and customer service, she now writes for the blog at