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Why Silk Pajamas are Worth IT

Natalya Silk PJ’s in Midnight Floral, Photo:

Look, we know we are a sleepwear company but it has to be said… we love silk pajamas! Yes, they’re expensive but great silk pajamas are more than worth the investment. 

After all, silk pjs are versatile enough to be worn to bed while also looking fabulous on your next zoom call! If you’re planning to go back to the office this fall, then transitioning out of your pandemic comfy wardrobe is going to be easier in a pair of gorgeous PJ bottoms than that suit that’s been hanging in your closet for the last year. And, you’re certainly not going to wear that suit to bed! Yay for versatility!

Our newest style will make you feel like a movie star! Garbo Striped Silk Pajama , Photo:

Silk is not only versatile but it’s also a “happy” fabric. Hypoallergenic and easy on your skin while still looking good equals happy. Now, think about how that wool sweater made you wiggle and itch or that polyester top that made you sweat on a first date.  Happy fabrics?  NOT!

In fact, silk is so versatile and so easy on your skin that we don’t even need to mention how visually beautiful a well-made, high-quality silk PJ looks to get excited to wear one.  

At Julianna Rae we use a higher than average “thread count” for our silk (19mm) so it looks richer, fits more beautifully, and feels even more indulgent! Natalya Silk PJ in Ink Photo:

Silk is healthy. If you’re asthmatic or suffer from skin allergies, the last thing you need is to sleep in something that attracts dust mites or causes your skin to flare with angry patches of eczema. Silk’s dense structure prevents the buildup of microscopic foreign bodies that trigger allergies. And silk is also anti-fungal. A recent study in Italy found that wearing silk underwear over a six-month period reduced the burning and itching associated with vaginal thrush by a whopping 90%.  

Silk is all-natural climate control – keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. It certainly won’t cure your hot flashes but it will provide relief in the form of temperature regulation. Silk wicks away moisture (think cold sweat) so you don’t become a damp mess.  And, when it’s cool, it keeps you warm by trapping air between the threads and using it to warm up your skin. 

This PJ top would make an elegant pairing with a pencil skirt and sexy shoe! Serendipity Silk Pajama in Opera, photo:

Silk takes a “licking and keeps on ticking”. If visions of the energizer bunny are dancing in your head right now then you get it. Silk will last, which makes the investment in such a quality fabric worth it. So, go ahead and kick the tires! Treated right, anything made of silk will be around long before the engine (that’s you) wears out!

Need more convincing? Great silk pajamas can be worn day or night.  As we mentioned in the intro, this is one of our favorite facts about silk pajamas – their versatility!  No one is going to blink twice if you show up to work in a fabulous, modern-tailored silk cami top under a suit jacket. Nor would anyone know that you are wearing a luxurious pair of PJ bottoms paired with an elegant blouse. But, do be prepared for a little bit of envy at the water cooler!

So, yes the investment in silk pajamas is worth it.  See you in the next blog!

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer and worked at Julianna Rae in Customer Service and Graphic, she now writes for the blog at