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What we’re Digging for the Garden this Spring!

barefoot basket blooming blossoming

Tired of long, lazy days in the house while you #QuarantineAndChill? If you are looking for the perfect respite during these days of social distancing then roll up your sleeves, go outside and get those hands in the dirt. It’s the one time we would agree that it’s okay to get those #SafeHands good and dirty! For one, it’s a great stress reliever, and lugging all that dirt can really work those abs and get your arms toned – think of it as your new gym membership! Gardening is such a soothing activity that it really doesn’t matter whether you choose a large or small project, the work pays off for your heart and your soul and you will probably see results faster than you do at the gym!

Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from some TLC, with potted plants and some weed pulling,  vertical gardens are one way to grow in a small space. On the opposite front, large spaces can seem daunting so it can be hard to get started. But, just like when you tackle the to-do list, break it into smaller pieces. Work big spaces in tiny bites by dressing your porch with some pretty potted plants or a container garden. If your front door is lacking attack that space with this simple doorway garden plan. From herbs to flowers, no space is too big or small for the garden of your dreams. You just have to get started!

agriculture backyard blur close up

Gardening is also a great family activity. The work of building a garden can go a lot faster with more hands and it is a great way to get the kids away from the monotony of computer learning. Gather your quarantine buddies to make a victory garden! (But no high-fives after the victory.) Seriously, though, make sure to follow health protocols; assign people different times for their tasks, or, if it’s a larger space, practice social distancing, don’t share tools and clean-up well when finished.

Believe it or not, we’ve been here before, just not for a pandemic but during wartime. In 1943, during World War II, nearly 40% of all fruits and veggies were grown in the United States in patriotic victory gardens. These gardens popped up in backyards, flower boxes, empty lots and even on rooftops while schools tilled their own soil to provide food for student lunches. It is estimated that during this time, 9-10 million tons of fruits and vegetables were harvested, sustaining a nation and giving people a sense of purpose.


Besides the obvious benefits of vegetable gardens, there are so many other good reasons to grow herbs, tea gardens or flowers:

  • Vegetable and fruit gardens stretch your food budget and tastes amazingly different (in a good way) when eaten freshly picked!
  • Working in the garden provides fresh air and exercise which leads to improving your sleep
  • Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs builds self-sufficiency in addition to confidence and a genuine sense of accomplishment
  • Buying less because you are growing more reduces your carbon footprint
  • Gardening is soothing activity and therapeutic. Horticultural therapy (yes, it’s real!) involves working with plants, in the home or outdoors, to bring a sense of well-being.
  • Connecting to nature more tangibly – try your hand at a butterfly watering station or bee house or do what this guy did… instead of trying to keep the wildlife out, he built a garden just for this special visitor:  

Have we inspired you? Check out some of the things we’re digging for the garden and gardener…


Sow your seeds and harvest your vegetables with this durable and great looking tool basket by Williams and Sonoma.

gardening book

A garden is a wonderful place to flip some pages of your favorite book!

gardeners tool seat

You’ll always have a seat ready (and a place to put your tools) when you need it with this handy gardeners tool seat from Uncommon Goods


Always have your gardening chores guide at hand with this gorgeous cotton garden-themed dish towel by Wild Cotton Linens.

potato bag

Grow vegetables in bags?  Yes, you can!  With this awesome Potato Grow Bag!


Give yourself or the gardener in your life a gorgeous tool kit, includes beautiful, wooden box and notepad so you can keep notes.


Add beauty to your garden path with these swirling garden stones by

bee boots

Work in style with a pair of gardening boots by Joules, so many styles you won’t know which to choose!

zen cats

Cats love gardens and these two are no exception!  Zen Cat Garden Sculptures by Uncommon Goods.

veggie markers

Now you will never be confused when the seeds start to sprout with these adorable Veggie Markers, get yours by Shrinking Violet on ETSY.

If your world is feeling a lot smaller these days, then get outside and get your hands dirty! We can’t promise it will feel a lot bigger but we can promise you it will feel brighter in a well-sown garden!

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer and worked at Julianna Rae in graphics and customer service, she now writes for the blog while dreaming about digging in the dirt.  #ViewFromMyWindow #MyPandemicSurvivalPlan