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#TipTuesday – Panty Shopping… A quick guide for gifting

Don’t hesitate to gift something sexy this year because you’re confused about style and fit… Follow this quick guide and you can’t go wrong!

There are so many styles of panties to choose from for women (and men too!). Who knew that a simple garment like a panty can be created in so many ways? Thankfully, panties have evolved from their earliest beginnings to become way more fashionable, allowing for a spectrum of styles to suit any booty shape and desired coverage.

And, when it comes to something that sits as close to the skin as a panty, then natural fiber fabrics are really the best choice. Cotton is one example of natural fabric, and it’s great for day-to-day use. But a more luxurious option and one that makes an oh-so-special gift is, of course, silk! A silk panty is an amazing way to make someone feel “gifted”. No need to freak out about the care either, a simple handwashing is all that is needed to keep them fresh.

Selecting the right size is as easy as finding out if they wear a small, medium, or large in bottoms and matching it. We also have a handy size chart that relates hip size in inches to standard sizes (small, medium, etc.). Finally, don’t let the names confuse you… check out our style descriptions below and you too can speak “panty”!

Boy Short – This is the sassy sister of the boy’s brief! It rides lower on the leg and has full side hip coverage. The waist is lower than a high-waist brief (think granny panties) and offers more front coverage than a bikini.

Want to put this style under the tree? We have a gorgeous lace boy short available in 5 colors and also a sleek version made in the most luxurious stretch silk.

Hipster – This style sits on the hips and offers coverage for the backside with a waistline that is lower than a brief and higher than a bikini. The hipster offers a higher leg opening for smoother coverage under clothes than the boy short.

Our hipster panties won’t disappoint! The Le Tresor Silk Hipster is made of super soft and smooth silk charm in the front and luscious stretch silk chiffon on the back while the Indulgence Silk Hipster combines rich, beautiful silk with just a touch of stretch and lovely lace trim. Both styles are elastic-free to erase those pesky panty lines!

Bikini – The sexy sister of the hipster, our bikini naturally fits a woman’s bikini line. It has very high leg openings and a low waistband. The back has moderate coverage but not as much as a hipster.

Julianna Rae’s Indulgence Silk Bikini is the ultimate feminine panty with pretty stretch lace on one hip and the softest silk on the other with both meeting in a delicate V! This style is available in 5 beautiful colors so you’ll want to buy more than one!

Tanga – A European-style cut panty that has less coverage than a bikini but more than a thong. Usually shaped the same in the front and the back, the tanga shows off all of the hip.

Watch her eyes light up when she receives a pair (or two or three!) of our Le Tresor Silk Tanga panties made with the prettiest of laces on the front and stretch silk on the backside to look and feel gorgeous all day long.

Thong – This style is not shy in revealing the backside! Considered very sexy, a thong varies in frontal coverage to full or minimal with little to no back coverage so there are no panty lines to be had. Usually sits low on the hips.

We love the thong so much we made it in three different styles: The Moonlight Serenade Silk Thong, Indulgence Silk Thong, and the Rae Si Silk Thong.

Flutter Panty – This style combines a tap pant and panty with a roomy leg and a cheeky flare to the back and side leg. Feels feather-light and unlike other more-constricting underwear styles.

Our Perfect Indulgence Flutter Panty is pure comfort in the richest silk with a delicate lace edge to flutter and flatter lightly on the leg. Check out all 7 colors!

Silk panties make a great gift and now that you know about all the different styles available and how easy it is to choose a size then the only thing left to do is go and shop!