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#TBT – PJ’s All Day!


In this #TBT we take a walk on the beach in two of our comfiest cotton PJ sets!  We’ve always been in love with natural fiber fabrics like silk but our other love is definitely cotton. For one, it’s easy to care for but the look and feel of cotton is on the top of the list too! Especially when you consider the high-quality cotton sateen that we’ve always chosen to use for our cotton line. You see, when it comes to this soft, lustrous fabric it doesn’t matter how long you spend in bed or frolicking on the beach. Our PJ’s (and you) continue to look good even if you’re shaking a little sand out of the pockets!

Pockets? Yes! Pockets are just one of the details in our pajamas that we’re proud of but that’s not all… Whether they’re silk or cotton our pajamas feature roomy but also tailored cuts, great designs and colors, a fabulous fit, and are beautiful to look at! Is there any reason to get out of them?  We can’t bring back the two lavender styles depicted above but we are sure you will find something to spend all day (and night) in. Check out our Cotton Sleepwear here and for something a little more luxurious try Silk! And, it’s a Leap Year so that’s one extra day this year to spend in your pajamas!