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#tbt – In PJ’s all day?  Why Not!

mini rose cami -pj bottoms

As long as you look good that is!  Our #tbt model is spending her day relaxing in a vintage Julianna Rae outfit and we think she looks super comfy, pretty, and content in her luxurious bias-cut silk camisole and PJ pant with an heirloom mini-rose silk print and – hello! – love that contrasting dark violet lace! We know looking good is important that’s why we take care in every style we design to make sure the fit and comfort are perfect first –  everything else is eye candy!  

Maybe it seems trite to talk about looking good during such an anxious time such as this but if we are forced to stay home consider it a blessing…  We got every style you can imagine for your social distancing activities like couch surfing, eating, reading, quarantining with the cat, snuggling the dog or learning to play an instrument!  And, we’ve got your back while your #stayinghome, because with a point and a click you can pick your favorite Julianna Rae style and get it delivered right to your door. Stay calm, we will get through this with a little humor and some fabulous clothes that will be with you long after this, uh, situation!

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer, she worked for Julianna Rae in Customer Service and Graphics and writes for the blog while practicing social distancing at home in a luscious pair of Natalya Silk PJ’s in Voluta.