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#TBT – Coffee Talk with the Girls

cotton pjs at table

Here’s a #TBT when we could have breakfast with our friends to talk about last night’s date or game night with the kids…  If you are longing for the good old days of face to face contact during this time of #socialdistancing do not despair – the opportunity for coffee with the gals will return soon!  Until then, it’s entirely okay to hang a little longer in something as comfortable as what our models were wearing for this photoshoot – especially if it’s made of cotton!  

cotton sampler

If you know anything about Julianna Rae then you know that we love natural fabrics like silk and cotton because these low maintenance fabrics are hypoallergenic, won’t irritate our precious skin and allergies.  If your at the age where you are dealing with menopause and hot flashes then cotton is a great choice for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. 

And, you don’t have to spend your day in pj’s (unless you want to of course!) we’ve got some adorable styles beside our luscious selection of cotton pajamas such as hoodies, short nightgowns that double-time as sundresses and short sleeve cotton PJ sets that would look just as cute with a t-shirt by day.  Check them out, we’ve got 40% off all cottons through April 18th!