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Sipping the Warmth – 8 Hot Drinks Because Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

Slip into January with an attitude of hygge and it will get you through any long, cold day.  That’s right, pull on your coziest sweater, some thick socks, invite your friends over for a hot drink and warm conversation around the fire.  Don’t worry about what to fill your mug with because we’ve got eight hot drink recipes that will make you glad it’s cold outside.

It’s all about attitude!  Take a lesson from one of the happier nations in the world, the Danes, who embrace their long and dark winter season with hygge.  Hygge is a word that describes a sense of coziness and warmth of friends and family, a celebration of light – essentially enjoying life’s simple pleasures – no matter the environment.  So what better way to continue the love and joy spread through the holiday season into January with a warm mug of something yummy!


Pretty and delicious!  Rose and Earl Grey Latte, photo:

Rose and Earl Grey Latte – OMG!  Delicate rose petal garnish atop a creamy tower of milk – we can’t get enough!


Cinnamon Pear Cider, a healthy way to warm your insides!  Photo:

Cinnamon Pear Cider – Healthy, vegan and warm!  This pear cider is a great way to embrace a dry January if you are abstaining from alcohol and a healthy choice to put in your wine glass.


Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate – Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Who doesn’t love cookies? Who doesn’t love cream? A trifecta of love … in a mug!


Latte in a crockpot?  You bet!  Photo:

Crockpot Gingerbread Latte – A little punch of caffeine and don’t leave out a little gingerbread  gentleman or lady if you like.


Drift off to sleep with something dreamy…   Photo:

Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider – Drifting off to sleep should be easy after sipping this drink and having a favorite someone read you a bedtime story!


Who can resist homemade marshmallows?  Photo:

White Hot Chocolate with Bourbon Barrel Stout Marshmallows – Again we ask, who doesn’t love hot chocolate?  This version of white hot chocolate is simply decadent when topped with homemade beer marshmallows (yes! Beer marshmallows!). The author uses Bourbon Barrel Stout but any stout beer will do.


Try a Scandinavian favorite, mulled wine is perfect for a cold night in.  Photo:

Glogg – What better way to get into hygge than with a little glogg!  Scandinavian mulled wine is perfect for a night around the fireplace!


Chase away the “achoo” with a hot toddy!  Photo:

Chili Cinnamon Hot Toddy – If you’re feeling under the weather, stir up a “medicinal” toddy that will warm your insides and better yet, may relieve the symptoms of a cold and flu.  Author Victoria Moore from her book How to Drink describes the toddy as “the vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, the alcohol to numb” – enjoy!

Stay warm today!  Tell us which recipe you loved the most, which one is the best to curl up with a good book or which one you served for a winter dinner party!