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Nourish Your Skin: Top Foods to Beat Summer Dry Skin

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Post Updated: 6/12/2024

If the arrival of summer has you concerned for your skin then this blog is for you! Summer can be tough on our skin. The sun, one of summer’s defining elements, is out longer and stronger, often draining moisture from our skin. While we’re all aware of sun protection to maintain our skin’s health and youthful appearance, other factors like chlorine and air conditioning can also deplete skin moisture and when we’re wearing more skin-revealing clothing, no one wants flaky, dry skin. To give our skin the moisture it needs, how about nourishing it from the inside out! Did you know that what you eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can help beat that summer dryness?

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We’ve previously blogged about skin-friendly fabrics and were we ever impressed with the research that sited how natural products and fabrics affected our overall health! But, it’s not only about what we put ON our bodies … it’s also about what we put IN it!  If your body is craving moisture during the summer then here are some fruits, veggies, and grain ideas that get an A+ for summer (skin) lovin’.


Nope, this isn’t just a Thanksgiving vegetable, sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and it’s one veggie you should be eating all year long, especially during the summer. This powerful potato will help on your hair, with your eye bags, and firm your skin. Sweet potatoes are full of antioxidants and Vitamin A, all perfect ingredients for a glowing complexion and glossy coat. In fact, a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to dull, dry skin, Ick! Fight free radical damage and stimulate collagen production for firmer skin with this sweet potato mash.


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What’s more perfect than an orange or grapefruit on a hot summer day? Your skin will love you for slurping down both halves of a grapefruit (skip the sugar, a good grapefruit doesn’t need this topping) because it’s abundant in Vitamin C which promotes collagen formation. And, choosing a pink grapefruit will give your body a jolt of lycopene, an antioxidant that will help skin stay smooth and resilient. Pack a skin-boosting punch for dinner tonight with this Poached Salmon with Basil and Pink Grapefruit Sauce from Gordon Ramsay.


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This food gets an “E” for all of the EXCELLENT vitamin E it provides!  An avocado is not only a great source of vitamin E and 20 other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but they are also rich in mono-saturated fats helping to keep your skin moist and knocking back inflammation. Stop worrying about the fats in this super nutritious food and enjoy it inside and outside your body.  Try this hydrating avocado face mask.


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Perhaps the fact that cucumbers contain one of the highest percentages of water content makes them a very hydrating FRUIT! Yes! This food you see in most salads everywhere is actually a fruit. It doesn’t matter fruit or veggie, cucumbers are easy to love! They are super nutritious and can be used as a soothing face mask or a satisfying salad addition.  


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Right? This made our heads spin and our tummy’s do the happy dance (ok, not everyone’s…)!  It’s all about fatty acids and Zinc. Oysters are full of Zinc which will aid your immune system, help repair skin, and build collagen. These slippery mollusks also contain the most sought-after nutrient – Omega-3 fatty acids, which not only are great for cardiovascular health but can help skin build natural oils. Of course, other fatty fish like salmon will also help dry skin issues if oysters (pardon the pun) are hard to swallow.  If you’re not squeamish then open wide and knock them back with these tasty toppings. Take that, dry skin!  



Back to the in-demand Omega-3 fatty acids, this superfood is full of it and helps with dry, flaky, and itchy skin, even helping such skin conditions as psoriasis and rosacea. You can even apply this in oil form topically to help with elasticity or add it easily to your daily menu. Try it in a smoothie with another summer superfood – blueberries!

Remember, you are what you eat so make banishing dry skin delicious everyday by eating !  See you in the next blog.

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