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Hello July! …and Welcome National Ice Cream Month!

fireworks display over building

July certainly didn’t arrive with all the pomp and circumstance that it usually has for us but that doesn’t mean we can’t love this July as much as any other past July, it is summer after all!  We can easily tick off a number of wonderful things to be enjoyed this month.  Like what you ask?  Well, no winter coats for one!  Other things we love about this month?  

woman in white shirt sitting on black hammock

Slowing DownIt can be so hot in July that we think going slow is a pretty good speed especially if you’ve got a porch swing or a hammock!  (Need some ideas for keeping cool?  Check out our Big Chill list, go ahead, we’ll wait right here until you come back!)  If the swing or hammock happened to be vacant then pour an icy cold lemonade and grab a good book because the only breeze about to blow are the pages that you turn as you whip through the latest beach read.  Absolutely one of our favorite ways to slow down ever!

person walking on sand

The BEACH! (or the lake, or the swimming pool….)Speaking of the beach, July just screams sand between your toes, doesn’t it?  (And, in your sandwich, your drink and everywhere else for that matter!)  But, if you live in the midwest then a nice cool lake or pool might be your go-to place to ride out July’s heat.  Regardless of where you go to cool down don’t forget to socially distance and bring along your mask!  While lounging in that beach chair those toes will definitely be showing so pick out one of these fab popular nail colors for Summer 2020 and brighten those little piggies up before cooling them off in the surf, ahhhh!cami and tap

“Skintastic” ClothingJuly is a great time to show off a little skin, isn’t it?  Clothing choices are lightweight and comfortable even if you are heading back to your socially distant office this month.  A sparkling silk cami top goes great under a business jacket and wow does it ever shine for an evening walk in the park!  What?  You never had the pleasure of wearing a pair of silk tap pants to bed?  We highly recommend them.  They are gorgeous to look at and will have you feeling like the Queen of your bed!  Since you’re going to be showing all that skin, did you know that keeping it moisturized is as easy as what you eat?

barefoot basket blooming blossoming

Bountiful Flowers and Veggies!Farmer’s markets, roadside farm stands, and our own vegetable gardens are all ways we get to add more veggies to our plates.  And, the heat and light of July gives growing power to every little thing!  Need to add some strength training to your daily routine?  Fill up a 3-gallon watering can (the weight is about 8lbs a gallon!), and water your plants.  The relief comes when the can is empty and your plants will be giving you silent thank you’s for the cool drink.  

a glass of water and a red sun

Did someone say COOL Drinks?It’s not just the plants that love a long, cool drink and July just happens to be perfect lemonade weather.  There are so many ways to enjoy this simple drink that a Google search found 47,400,000 results!  Wow!  But it’s not only lemonade that we love to drink cold… how about flavored waters, cold Chardonnays, frothy, cold beer in chilled glasses, iced teas and coffees, and heavenly milkshakes which brings us to another great thing about this month…

man holding ice cream cone under cloud

July is National Ice Cream Month!Yes, we get to balance off all the heat of July with delectable frozen treats in the form of… ice cream!  Even though vanilla is America’s favorite flavor, take a walk on the wild side and promise yourself to try something unusual the next time you’re picking up some of the cold stuff.  There are so many flavors to choose from!  How about Roasted Tumeric and Candied Ginger if you happen to be in Alaska, Devil’s Breath Carolina Reaper Pepper Ice Cream when in Delaware (you must sign a waiver before even tasting this one!) or Salted Pretzel when in Kansas.  Thankfully July has 31 days in the month so there’s ample opportunity to try just about anything your heart desires!

Stay cool this week (literally and figuratively) and we’ll see you in the next blog!

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer and worked at Julianna Rae in graphics and customer service.  She is staying cool this July while writing for the blog in her favorite Paradise Found Two Way Camisole Top in Paisley.