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Cami and Tap, a Lingerie Pairing Must-Have!

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Welcome to October, the most fickle of months. If the yo-yo temperatures have you peering into your closet and wondering what to wear, here’s a hint… you’re looking in the wrong place!  Your lingerie drawer most likely has just what you are looking for because a camisole can really put the pizzazz in your daytime Fall wardrobe!

A camisole adds an exciting layer under… or over… another top, and dressing in layers is the best way to deal with the fall fickle temperatures when you want to look and feel good.  Layering isn’t all about style, it’s important for comfort especially for those of us in the menopausal phase of life.  If the layers happen to be made of silk, you have a win-win because silk fabric is such a good temperature regulator.

In case you are wondering, a tank top is not a camisole and visa versa although they are often mentioned interchangeably.  A camisole is thinner and better for layering, and it almost always comes with adjustable straps.  A camisole is often layered under other pieces of clothing but this season the trend is to layer the cami over a long-sleeved top.

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Here are some tips if you’re thinking of adding a camisole to your daytime wardrobe…

  • Wear undergarments that match your skin tone – This will help you avoid a peep show with light colored silks (and is a good rule of thumb for any light-colored clothing).  It’s the contrast to your skin tone that makes your undergarments show through.
  • Don’t wear it wrinkled – it will look as if you just rolled out of bed!  Ironing silk is okay but always at low temperature and on the opposite side of the garment. If you can steam it, even better, or hang it in the bathroom while you shower and steam those wrinkles away!
  • A seamless bra – It’s a must under your silk cami.  Just like panty lines, bras will show a lot of seams, clasp and slides under that silk so always choose seamless under a cami top or a chemise when wearing out.
We can’t think of a better piece to have in your wardrobe than the mighty camisole.  There’s just so many ways to wear this little piece… Try a dressy affair with a silk PJ bottom or your favorite skirt. Your weekend look will be complete with your favorite jeans, a pretty camisole top and your favorite sweater for just about anything you want to do (even if it’s staying in with a pumpkin spice latte)! Speaking of staying inside… why are sweats the go-to?  We can’t imagine a better way to lounge than in a cami and tap pant! PHOTO: Top left and right, Paradise Found 2-Way Silk Camisole in Opera and bottom left and right Grazioso Silk camisole in Opera over Paradise Found Silk PJ bottoms in Onyx and Grazioso Silk camisole in Opera over Tivoli Silk Tap Pants also in Opera.

Speaking of favorite pieces, we don’t want to leave out the tap pant these sexy little shorts are a must-have.  Maybe you already own a few of these delicious pieces if you don’t you are missing out.  If you have images in your head of tap dancers from the 1930s and 40s then that sounds about right because tap pants were what the dancers wore to practice their routines.  Luckily for us we don’t have to be tap dancers to enjoy the comfort and coverage a tap pant can offer.

Tap pants are great under trousers, skirts, or dresses and panty lines are a no-show! PHOTO: Le Tresor Silk Camisole and Tap pant both in Rain.

If you need a reason to put some tap pants in your lingerie drawer, then think of them as the sexy alternative to all the other panties in your drawer.  Tap pants leave a little more to the imagination and are cut to show off your assets like your luscious long legs, or to hide your flaws, making them more flattering for a variety of figure types.  Plus, many tap pant styles include beautiful lace details and are even more romantic and feminine when they are made in silk.

Comfort is another reason to own these treasures.  When buying lingerie we suggest that you indulge yourself in items that will make you feel your best.  Tap pants are loose and flowing, not tight and binding making them a super comfy choice to wear all day or to bed.  They are as comfortable as men’s boxers but way cuter!

And, here is the real reason you should own a pair… what item in your lingerie drawer will fill so many needs?  Panty, slip, sleepwear, loungewear… dancewear?  Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, that’s the tap pant!  If it’s time to refresh your own collection visit ours this week for 15% off during our #layeringseason Cami and Tap sale

We’ll see you in the next blog when we round up some great ideas for a fab Halloween weekend and if you are on our mail list keep an eye on your inbox for an exciting announcement coming this month!

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