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Another Reason to Love Winter? It’s Cuddling Season!

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Could there be a more perfect season for cuddling than winter? We think not!  There’s nothing better than being enfolded into another human being especially when it’s only 20 degrees outside!  We know that not everything that’s good is good for us, (think chocolate-covered Oreos here) but unlike the Oreo, cuddling is good and good for us!  It also doesn’t matter whether you cuddle your kid, your partner or your dog, (thankfully there’s plenty of science out there to back us up on this) so grab your cuddle buddy and find out how bonding can bring out the good in your body…

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Cuddling is the perfect stress reliever! – You can kiss goodbye to high cortisol levels after a good cuddle with your favorite squeeze because hugging, cuddling or touching will release the feel-good hormone oxytocin. A cortisol inhibitor, a good dose of oxytocin will reduce our stress levels and have our hearts and minds saying ahhhh!

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Cuddling will Lull you to Sleep – Whether you are an all-night spooner or a temporary spooner (flipping over after 20 minutes), chances are that cuddling will hike oxytocin enough to boost some zzz’s. Research has found that a good cuddle will prime the pump for sleep and the oxytocin produced will not only increase the amount and quality of your sleep but may also help our breathing for those that struggle with sleep apnea.

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Cuddling is a Relationship Reinforcer – Cuddling will strengthen our human bonds. And, if you’re the non-verbal type there’s no need for words, a hug says it all and more! Taking time for cuddling (like snuggling on the couch after a long day) will help refocus attention on the people that matter in our lives. This love-connection is a reminder of just how powerful touch is in our relationships.

“Studies have shown that a person giving a hug gets just as much benefit as a person being hugged,”  Tiffany Field, University of Miami School of Medicine’s Tiffany director of the Touch Research Institute

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Cuddling is a Gentle Pain Reliever – If your looking for some pain relief a good old fashion cuddle just might be the fix for headache, cramps and overall body aches. Studies in rodents have shown positive improvement from painful conditions with the rise of oxytocin in the body. No need for rats to tell us this – cuddle up and try it for yourself. Feeling better may only be a cuddle away!


Cuddling will Quiet your Urge to SnackCuddling just might erase your desire for snacking. It appears that raising your oxytocin levels will control the urge to eat for pleasure because it increases the feeling of being satiated. Hello warm embrace, goodbye cheese curls!

Who knew a simple cuddle is a magic bullet for pain relief, overeating, better sleep and relationships, and less stress! Now that you do, what are you going to do about it? Get your cuddle on – that’s what you’re going to do! See you in the blog!

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