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Seven Wonderful Ways To Show Mom You Love Her

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Can you name another person that played a bigger role in your life than Mom? She’s got wide shoulders, a big heart and an even bigger hug.  She smiled through the worst of times (even that time you had a tantrum in that fancy restaurant) and she didn’t wilt a bit when she was called into the principal’s office over the snowball that hit its mark
on your middle school classmate.  Oh, remember those toddler years when you broke something every time you went shopping with her?  Yup!  Mom kept her cool.  Broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Check!  She ran out and bought you ice cream in five different flavors!  Driver’s license test for the third time?  Natch!  She told you 3’s a charm as she drove you there for the third time!  English paper needs editing?  Sure!  We’re sure there’s an app for that these days but Mom still does it better!

So, with Mother’s Day on the horizon what are you planning for this amazing person in your life?  And… don’t say brunch – Mom is soooo over brunch!  Why? Because you did it last year, and the year before that and the year…  For goodness sake try something different like a trampoline class (or any of the not-your-ordinary workouts we mentioned in our past blog) or Formula 1 Car Racing… Okay, we were a bit harsh on brunch. We will admit our moms look forward to it every year.  BUT… just because it’s always good to try new things…

Take a look at our list of seven wonderful ways to show Mom you love her…

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1. Love Notes
Mom was never at a loss for words so how about putting some of those words of wisdom on a coffee or tea mug and then putting a love note of your own inside to tell her she was right!  Don’t forget to add some gourmet teas or coffee so she can indulge!

Your Mom also probably never missed a moment to tell you how much she loved you. Mother’s Day is your turn.  Write some love notes to your Mom including all of the favorite things she did for you, put them in a scrapbook or wrap candy or cookies in the notes and wrap the package in a pretty box – sweets with sweets!

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2. Plant Something
One amazing way to make your Mom feel special is to plant a tree in her honor.  If she’s a gardener then roll up your sleeves and dig in the garden with her.  Let her know that this Mother’s Day you want to spend all day in the manure with her because, well… she pretty much spent her time in the manure with you.  For an extra special touch, start
some seeds for her in pots and bring the cute baby plants to start in her garden.  She will be amazed that you thought so far ahead for her Mother’s Day gift and that will definitely beat out any gift your sibling(s) brings.

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3. Get out of the house
If it’s a nice day (we are New Englander’s so wearing a parka in spring isn’t unusual!) go for a bike ride! She doesn’t have one?  Then pick up a cool helmet, put a bow on it and rent a bike share for the day.

Other activities we might suggest:

  • Plant night
  • Paint and Sip
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Canoe trip
  • Scour a flea market
  • Spa treatment
  • Visit a museum
  • Get a massage
  • Hit some golf balls
  • Tour a chocolate factory
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4. Give her the gift that keeps on giving
This is an oldie but a goody – the infamous chore jar!  What!?  You never had one? Then mom will love this even more!  Instead of giving her a chore jar with pre-filled out chores that you choose, give her a chore jar with some blank slips of paper that she gets to fill out.  Let her pick one on Mother’s Day and then pour her a glass of wine while you go take care of it.  Don’t lose your momentum though – give her a few more weekends of your time this year and let her pull another chore out of the jar.  After all, think of all the time she spent just doing your laundry!  Pinky promise to
finish the jar before next Mother’s Day.

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5. Memorialize a moment
Your Mom probably has many pictures hanging up of you and your family.  However, some of her more intimate memories don’t have a picture attached to them.  Remember the cuddle at the end of the day in front of your favorite Dr. Seuss book or the song she sung before you drifted off to sleep?  Let her know those moments mattered by framing a page from that favorite book or a song sheet from her lullaby.  Got a favorite meal instead?  Frame a handwritten recipe or one from her mother or grandmother.

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6. Make Dinner but not on Mother’s Day
Take out the calendar and pick a date together.  We can tell you Mom threw a few dinner parties and holiday meals where she rarely got to sit down and enjoy it with the guests.  So have Mom invite her favorite people to sit around the table with her while you cook her favorite foods and leave the kitchen as clean as you found it.  For an added touch take some pictures so you can make her a photo album of the event.

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7. Spend time with her
All those times she kissed your boo-boo, drove you to sports practice or simply met you at the bus stop; Mom was there for you.  On this Mother’s Day, shut off your phone and just be with her.  Gather family members together for a picnic, watch a favorite movie with lots of popcorn or complete a puzzle while listening to her favorite tunes – you can’t go wrong by just showing up (unless you’ve got a new tattoo that she doesn’t know about – then you are on your own!).

What are you planning to do with your Mom? Got any suggestions for us?  Share your ideas on our Facebook Page.

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