What’s Hot & What’s Not about Dry January, plus 6 Mocktails to keep you Saturated for the rest of the month

Well, it’s mid-January and if you’re taking part in Dry January, you are, by now, realizing the benefits of dumping alcohol for the 31 days in January. Here we offer you a mid-month boost on what’s hot and not so hot about the movement and six delicious mocktails that you might just prefer the rest of the year!


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It’s the first month of 2019 and for people participating in Dry January, we are mid-way through a drying out period of no alcohol for 31 days. Whew!  That’s a good accomplishment in itself but it turns into a difficult challenge when you are going out with your peeps who don’t even know what Dry January is.  

But, that’s just what the movement is all about! It’s not just a fun, social media bet-you-can, bet-you-can’t, but a direct call to action on monitoring your alcohol intake. So, you will be tested on a night out or dinner with friends who are not-in-the-know and the test will be: can you turn that drink down?  

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Whatever the reason people decide to take part in Dry January, the organizers of the movement feel they’ve already succeeded, even if the dry spell was only for a week, because ultimately the goal is to get people thinking about their drinking habits.  And, if you make it all the way through the 31 days?  They’re confident that the changes seen during this time will have an impact. In fact, the organizers of Dry January, Alcohol Change UK, say that 72% of people who try Dry January are still drinking less riskily six months later!  That’s “Hot”!

What else is hot? Try a reduced waistline, better sleep, healthier breasts, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, less depression and a more stable mood. Need more?  How about better concentration and clearer skin!  Even if you’re on the lowered end of the scale for drinking and none of the above really matter to you, the money saved should.  According to thebalanceeveryday.com drinking is an expensive habit. They found that Americans spend about 1% of their gross annual income on it, a stat backed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which means the average spend is about $565 a year, $5,650 in 10 years or an astounding $22,600 over 40 years!   

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By now, you’re saying how can there be anything not so hot about Dry January.  When I started to research Dry January, my simple, “Why Dry January?” prompted these search terms:

Why Dry January… doesn’t work, Why Dry January… is bad for you, Why Dry January… is pointless, and, my favorite, Why Dry January… is a waste of time!  So, it’s clear the movement has its detractors.

Some believe that Dry January is actually dangerous. It’s not so much that doctors advocate for people to continue to drink but, the worry is, that once the month is over that some will drink with a vengeance as soon as the clock strikes the first of February and continue that streak through the rest of the year. Also, where heavy drinkers are concerned, a month probably isn’t long enough to help overloaded livers recover.  The worry is that Dry January will lull heavy drinkers into thinking they’ve cleaned up their organs and now it’s okay to go back to their regular drinking patterns. On top of that, stopping cold turkey could cause more health problems like major withdrawal symptoms or worse, the DT’s.  

The good news is that it looks like for the majority of people, the “Hot” outweighs the “Not-So-Hot”. If you do have any worry at all about liver issues or at mid-month you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms, please consult a doctor.

So, let’s celebrate making it through the first half of Dry January! Pull out your fine glassware and try one of these six great mocktails that do not call for champagne. You might like them so much that you drink them for the rest of the year!

Nojito Mocktail

This drink is so pretty and rum free because the recipe uses rum extract instead. Serve it up!


Photo: Mixthatdrink.com

Banana Pina Colada

Pull out the margarita glasses for this special alternative to the real thing because not only is it sugar free and vegan but also gluten free!  Thank you Tasty-Yummies.com!


Photo: tasty-yummies.com

Sparkling Blue Mocktail

How sweet is the stemmed glassware for this mocktail?  If staying dry through February, you could easily swap the blue punch for red punch and red sugar sprinkles and in these glasses.  Oh Kisses, everyone!!!

sparkling blue hawaiian mocktail

Photo: whatscookinglove.com

Moscow Mule

Afraid those cool copper mugs will be lonely for a month?  Try this Mocktail Moscow Mule by OurBestBites.com


Photo: ourbestbites.com

Juicy Mango Margarita

This Mango Margarita by Kathy Patalsky looks absolutely delicious in January and perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

mango-margarita-frosty 26_edited-1 copy

Photo: Kathy Patalsky, lunchboxbunch.com

Morning Mai Tai

A Mai Tai for breakfast?  Of course! If you use apple cider instead of apple brandy!

Chapter - Mocktail

Photo: foodandwine.com

What do you think about Dry January?  Is sober the new black for you?  Any favorite drinks to share?  Let us know in the comment section below!