The Gift of Time – 3 Great (free) ideas for spending time with Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother {muhth-er} – noun – 1. One person who does the work of twenty.  For free.

A mother’s day seems to never end and yet, they get up the next day and do it all over again.  At times a thankless job, mothers make it look easy. But if you were to step into their shoes you’d be ready to kick them off after an hour.   With Mother’s Day right around the corner, what do you get for a woman with the shoulders of Atlas and a heart of gold?  With a little creativity you can make mom feel loved just by sharing the day with her, even if all you have is an hour.  Check out our list of great ideas for spending time with mom and let us know how you plan to spend the day with yours.


  1.       Take a walk down memory lane.   

Every mother loves to look at baby pictures.  You, maybe not so much.  But getting sentimental, even for just an hour can’t be that bad when it means sharing memories of one of mom’s most valuable possessions.  According to one study, 62% of mother’s think these memories are so important that if they lost their cell phone it would be the pictures they missed most.  Even more interesting one in four moms would rather have personal nude photos leaked than lose their family photos.  After going through all those family memories with mom this weekend, offer to put the loose pics in the empty photo album she is always meaning to get to.


  1.       Write her a letter.

In this digital world a meaningful handwritten sentiment can mean a lot to the receiver.  As Margaret Shepherd says in her book The Art of the Personal Letter, “A letter deals with issues that deserve more than a minute of attention.  It aims to strengthen a relationship, not just react to a situation.”

This mother’s day share your love and devotion with a written expression that she will be sure to cherish.  The sight of your familiar handwriting alone will lessen the physical distance between you.


  1.       Relieve her load so she can have some time to herself

Mother’s Day after all pomp and circumstance is really just another day.  And weekends are usually full of chores and things that need to be done.  Ask any mom anywhere about her to-do list for the weekend and we’ll bet it’s a long one.  Why not spend some time at her house fixing or cleaning or washing her car.   Try folding her laundry while she puts her feet up.  Better yet put it all away so she can binge watch all those shows she missed while she was busy raising you!

Other things that are free?  Tell her how much you love her, hugs, walks, chatting, watching a movie together, fix her computer, wash her windows, plant her bulbs, cook, bike ride, walk the dog, picnic…    the list goes on!