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Get Outside, July is National Picnic Month!

When is the last time you rolled out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic?  A while right? Well, this is the month to get out that dusty basket sitting in your attic – it’s just dying to come out and play!  July is National Picnic Month and we can’t think of a better time than now to pack a basket full of goodies and enjoy the delightful weather with family and friends.

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The tradition of bringing food outdoors first appeared around the Middle Ages when meals were set out by wealthy spectators following sport hunters. It wasn’t until the book, Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management published in 1861, that the picnic became popular with the working-class. Mrs. Beeton’s extensive menu for holding a picnic for 40 people included these foods…

A joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, 2 ribs of lamb, 2 shoulders of lamb, 4 roast fowls, 2 roast ducks, 1 ham, 1 tongue, 2 veal and ham pies, 2 pigeon pies, 6 medium-sized lobsters, 1 piece of collared calf’s head…

And that’s just the list of the proteins! The dessert list is equally bountiful and includes 4 dozen cheesecakes! Thirsty picnickers enjoyed three dozen quart bottles of beer, as well as claret, sherry, and brandy.

Today’s modern-day picnics can be as elaborate as Mrs. Beeton’s or a much simpler gathering of two. Are you hooked? Read on for some great picnic supplies to consider before you go.

The Picnic Basket – So many choices! Backpacks, coolers, or wicker baskets (Yogi Bear’s favorite!). It’s almost too hard to decide. Our perfect picnic basket? One that is classic wicker and includes the plates and silverware like this Dorset English Style Basket. It comes with practically everything and it’s gorgeous too!


Find this elaborate basket and many others at 

Picnic Blanket – Choose a large blanket with a waterproof bottom that has room for everyone and gives protection from wet grass. Our favorite is this red and white check blanket with leather handles and buckles for easy carrying.


Easy to carry and nice to look at, everything you need in a blanket! Find this one at Amazon.

Packing your food – It doesn’t have to be plastic!  Wrap up your cheeses, veggies, slices of bread, fruits, fresh herbs, and baked goods in sustainable and reusable packaging like Bee’s Wrap. This wrap is made of organic cotton and beeswax and can be used over and over again for food inside and outside the house!

bees wrap3

Sustainable and reusable, don’t throw these out after the fun is over!  Photo:  Bee’s Wrap

Music – Who wouldn’t want a little Bach – or Bon Jovi – in the park with your chilled Prosecco. This cute nutlet of a blue tooth speaker comes with a lanyard to hang from a tree or off your backpack. Don’t forget it when you are done or the squirrels will take it home!


This cute little nutlet boasts amazing sound and mobile design.  Amazon

Games – Grab some playing cards or a travel chess board for a relaxing après lunch activity. Want to enjoy a competitive game of croquet?  This set is pretty and portable…


When’s the last time you played?  eBay

Books about Picnics – For a more in-depth read on picnics, their history, picnic hack ideas (we especially love the picnic bike) take a look at these three…

Picnic books2

History, recipes, and inspiration wrapped up in three beautiful books.

What about the glassware? – Keep the fine wine upright, these wine spikes will do just that and hold the bottle for you too! You still have to do the pouring 🙂

picnic wine holders

Picnic knife – A good knife is important for a good picnic. The serrated blade folds in for carrying and pops out to cut up the bread and cheese. The built-in bottle opener and the corkscrew is a bonus!


Getting it there – It may be challenging going from the car to your favorite picnic spot but a handy wagon might do the trick! Try hiking or biking too! Just remember to keep it light and mobile.


Sometimes you got to get a little creative when you’re hauling a lot of stuff, see how they do it over at HGTV.

Simple or lavish, however you choose to enjoy it National Picnic Month is for celebrating good food, good people and getting outdoors. So, go get your picnic on and we’ll see you in the next blog!

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