For the Love of Lavender plus 3 Ways to Add More to your Life

Mmmmmm, the scent of lavender can bring to mind luscious gardens, fragrant sachets or flavorful recipes. We love this versatile herb so much we wish the Julianna Rae office was in Provence (well… that’s just one of the reasons… the food and wine of Provence is another reason! But that’s for another blog post.)


Sadly, our office isn’t in Provence, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying lavender as much as possible!  Lavender comes from the mint family Lamaiceae (no wonder it smells so wonderful!) and is grown in the garden for its beauty and fragrance but the virtues of lavender continue long after it is cut and dried.  We tap into its fragrance for use in perfumes and aromatherapy and use the components of the plant in herbal medicine while dicing it up in the kitchen!  But, did you know…

  • The scent of lavender deters pests like mosquitoes and mice.
  • Using sachets near your woolens will keep the moths away, a nice alternative to moth balls and your clothes will smell far better!
  • Trouble with aphids on your roses?  A lavender plant nearby will keep them at bay.

The scent of lavender is calming and used in aromatherapy to help with anxiety and depression and will help with bedtime too!  Using the essential oil or breathing the scent from some sprigs at your bedside can send you off to dreamland before you count all your sheep.

And, lavender is a superhero in kitchen recipes as well.  If you want to try a recipe, English lavender is best for culinary flavor, look for varieties with the names ‘Hidcote’, ‘Sharon Roberts’, ‘Loddon Blue’ and  a pretty pink ‘Melissa’. It is recommended to use the leaves and flowers but to avoid your food tasting like perfume, use a light hand when adding lavender.  Lavender is so versatile as a flavor it can be used well in baked goods as well as savory dishes.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it makes a gorgeous bouquet that will last long enough to pretty your house for more than a week and have we mentioned it smells nice? Of course, as a color, it is the perfect shade for oh so many of us…

Want more lavender in your life?  Here are three ideas we love!


Try these delicious Lemon Lavender Macaroon’s filled with lemon buttercream.  We’re smitten with the purple cookie shell!  Photo:


Exfoliate and bath in the scent of luscious lavender with your own DIY Lavender loofah soap.  Photo:


Drift off to sleep with a spritz of Lavender linen spray on your pillow.  Photo: whole

Do you love lavender as much as we do?  Where and how do you use it?  Share your ideas with us!