Fit Tip Tuesday – Adjust before dismissing the fit!

One of the beautiful facts about women is that they come in all shapes and sizes!  (How boring would it be if we all looked like Grace Kelly?) This fact, though, can be vexing when designing lingerie like bras, camisoles, nightgowns and chemises so enter the fabulous and unsung heroine – the adjustable strap!  

Tresor Delice Silk Gown

Nightgowns with deep backs like our Tresor Delice Silk Gown often lack support and can look or feel too big. With a few adjustments to the back, everything falls right into place and fits like a dream!

Those little sliders (yes, they were invented and named long before those cute mini-burgers) on the back of quality garments can help customize the fit to your height and shape. For example, if you are taller than your sister, your bust is likely at a different height. She may readily fit into the camisole she bought online without a problem. Borrowing it? Darn! Because of your height, her camisole may show just a little too much tummy. It takes just a small slide up on the back straps to hide that cute belly button and off you go!

On the flip side, that same camisole might fit you perfectly but, because you are taller than your sister, the cami is now showing a little too much cleavage on her. A quick slide of the straps down her back will raise the front fabric and neckline up closer to the chest hiding her “assets” and closing the armholes for a less revealing fit. This same “magic” can be applied to a chemise that might be a bit long in the hem or a bra that initially seems too tight or loose.

Sophia Silk Camisole in Bella

A camisole doesn’t have to have spaghetti straps all the way to be adjustable, especially if we want to wear it during the day! Our Sofia Cami is designed with modesty in the front and simulated “wide” straps and adjusters in the back!

Even if your new garment has wider straps in the front it may be hiding adjustability in the back. Smart designers will build in this simple functionality without giving up the beauty of the garment. Our cleverly designed Splendid Silk Cami and Perfect Indulgence Silk Gown are two good examples! 

You’ve got to love our Allura Silk Gown with its plunging back line!  We’ve added a stretch silk bridge to the adjustable straps allowing for a super sexy and fitted look – with adjustable straps you decide how much –  or little, you want to reveal!

Allura Silk Long Gown in Dolce

Allura Silk Long Gown,