6 Color trends we are in love with for this fall and winter

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Life would be so dull if it were played out every day in monochrome, wouldn’t it?  Thankfully we get to enjoy a rainbow of colors everywhere we look including in our closets.  And, are we ever loving the great choices available this Fall and Winter!!  New York Fashion Week’s color palette is truly powerful this year with 10 colors ranging from deep and soulful to bright and cheerful and 4 classic colors to make up a beautiful array of colors that will sparkle day or night, work or play.

If you are looking to fill out your fall and winter wardrobe with something new and colorful look for some of these amazing colors below…  We pick 6 that we love!

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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter Color Palette, image JuliannaRae.com

Before shopping to expand your seasonal wardrobe keep in mind the following…

  • Clean and organize your closet and donate items you haven’t worn for a while (yes, it may be time to toss the tube top from the 60s!).  Here are some great tips for storing your seasonal clothing you are planning on keeping.
  • Take inventory of what you have. Don’t keep buying the same things year after year.
  • Try on clothing before putting it into play for the next season… groan!  We understand we’ve been stress eating too!
  • Inspect all items for broken zippers, missing buttons, and stains and take care of them before either storing or hanging in your closet.
  • In this age of fast-fashion, take the time to look for clothing that is made well and uses fabrics that will last a long time like silk.  We think everyone should have some good silk in their closets. If you buy high-quality silk with a higher than average thread count then you can also wear it during the day like many styles from Julianna Rae’s line.
  • That brings us to versatility.  Clothing that can be dressed up or down is going to be worn often so look for styles that not only fit you well but can be worn in a number of different ways.  For example, that silk chemise doesn’t have to be worn to bed, a high thread count silk chemise can be worn for cocktail hour, date night, or underneath another dress as a slip or for layered warmth on cold fall or winter nights. 

So, let’s get to it, here are our favorite 6 picks from the New York Fashion Week color palette for this fall and winter…

Fall & winter colors 20-21 (4)

Wow!  We love this deep, powerful red.  It definitely shouts “Fall” and brings a pop of color to long winter nights.  All eyes will be on you no matter where you are when you dress in this color.  Put a little “Samba” in your life with these Julianna Rae favorites…  For starters, you’ll love the Paradise Found Silk Slip Nightgown in Sorbet, it’s not just a nightgown, but also the perfect, knee-length dress to pair with a sweater, jacket or on its very own!  A pair of silk PJ’s can also be worn day or night like our Paradise Found silk PJ top in Sorbet.  These would look amazing in bed but also with a skirt or dress pants.  And, don’t neglect the bottoms to this gorgeous set. Silk PJ pants can add the right kind of comfort and dazzle to any evening outfit.  If prints are your thing check out My Newest Crush Silk Pajama in Paisley.

Fall & winter colors 20-21 (3)

We love this particular color because it’s a timeless classic.  We’ve used this color throughout our line and it looks particularly gorgeous on the Island Time Silk Wrap Pajama (in Pearl Toffee).  The top to this set would make an elegant blouse by night and a romantic wrap by day with a pair of jeans on its own or under a cardigan.  A camisole looks amazing no matter how you choose to wear it and our Moonlight Serenade Silk Cami top is a great selection for dressing up or down.  Looking for something a little sexier?  Try our Moonlight Serenade Silk Nightgown… with a sweater or without!

Fall & winter colors 20-21 (5)

Speaking of the Moonlight Serenade Silk Nightgown, this beautiful piece also comes in our own beautiful shade of Rose Tan that we call Lotus.  Super romantic!  Be prepared for applause the next time you enter the room wearing this color whether you’re on a date or just going to bed.  Slip under covers in our Serendipity Silk PJ’s (in Kirsch) or wow your date in the Indulgence Silk Cami top (also in Kirsch).

Fall & winter colors 20-21 (2)

A classic warm gray color such as this one is perfect for fall and winter.  On silk, this color shimmers and will leave you twinkling all day and night.  Heat up any occasion in our Sofia Silk Long Nightgown (in Roca) with luscious lace and bias-cut silk or brighten up your next Zoom meeting in this silk long sleeve PJ top from our Paradise Found Silk Pajama set. So pretty no one will think you’re working in your PJs!  We also use this sophisticated color in our Sofia Silk Chemise which looks amazing on the lace details.

Fall & winter colors 20-21 (1)

This earthy tone warms up any look.  Adding it to your wardrobe is as easy as choosing a simple cami top like our Paradise Found 2 way Silk Camisole (yes! You can wear it two ways!) in Oliva or the versatile Paradise Found Silk Slip Nightgown in Calista.  If this color overwhelms you, add just a splash of it with the contrasting trim on our My Newest Crush Silk PJ’s in Gardenia.

blue depths art

A deep and mysterious shade of blue such as this one brings an air of elegance to any look. It dazzles on the Sofia Silk Chemise (in Midnight) and shimmers on the Allura Silk Chemise (Midnight).  Add this brilliant color under a jacket with the Silk Tresor Camisole top in Parisian.

So those are our 6 faves!  Which ones do you love?  You can find these colors above plus many more colorful styles on our website, see you in the next blog!

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer.  She worked for Julianna Rae in customer service and graphics, she now writes for the blog in her favorite Paradise found PJ bottoms in Oliva and Paradise Found 2 way Silk Cami top in Onyx.