Looking for Love?  Try peeling an apple… 6 Funny Superstitions That Just Might Help you Find True Love!

We’re all about Valentine’s Day here at Julianna Rae and it’s not just about the chocolate hearts or the lingerie (although we love those too!) but some crazy ways to find it?  Now we’re talking!

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We’ve written a lot about Valentine’s Day here on the blog.  We’ve given pointers on how to spend the perfect day with your Valentine, the guys got their own survival guide and we’ve even shared some great ideas that made being single on Valentine’s Day the envy of those that were consciously coupled! Finding your true love though?  Well, we’re going to help you with that now.  We’ve searched through folk tales and wives’ tales, legends and lore to find ways to find your true love. But, be warned! They may work but, if not, they can get messy (especially the method concerning cake!)

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Let’s get to the point. There’s a magical fruit that can predict love. Yep. And do you know what that is? The common household apple!  From the stem to the peel to the seeds this fruit can predict the new love in your life and when you’re finished, eat it up and it will keep the doctor away!  A good thing unless you were looking to marry a doctor!

How do apples predict your next love?  Well, folklore says twist the stem while thinking of potential love interests and when the apple falls off that’s the one.  You can also peel the skin off of the apple in one long ribbon, throw it over your shoulder and whatever initials you see is your new love’s name!  And, finally, trying to decide between lovers? Sticking two wet apple seeds named after your love interests to your forehead will tell you who loves you the most.  It will be the one that sticks the longest!

It may be too late to give this one a try for Valentine’s Day but the next time you are at a wedding take the cake home and tuck it under your pillow.  Apparently you will have “sweet” dreams of your new love, if not, we’re terribly sorry about the “crummy” mood you’ll be in when you wake up!

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So what if the odds of finding a four leaf  are 1 in 10,000, keep your head down to find one anyway.  When you do, stick it in your shoe and it will lead you to your soulmate… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Forget the flowers this Valentines Day, give your potential lover an orange to encourage romance.  Oranges are thought to bring love and if anything else, at least it will show them you care about their health!

So your bed has posts?  Great, you are in luck! Before drifting off to sleep tonight name the bed posts for four different people, the one you dream about will be the one you marry.  Disappointed that you only dreamt about eating a giant marshmallow and your pillow was gone in the morning?  Then the next night rub a lemon over those four bed posts, tuck the lemon into your pocket and the next day the first person you speak to will be your new lover!

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Laugh-out-loud silly (as if all of the others weren’t ridiculous!) is the one about the salted egg… you’ve heard of it right?  The one where you take a hard boiled egg, take out the yolk and fill the space with salt. Eat that egg right before bed and the person who brings you a glass of water in your dreams is the one!

Seriously though, if there’s any advice we can give for finding love it would be to look up from the phone every once in a while, you never know who you’ll find and… if you happen to see a penny…

What about you?  Have any superstitions to find love we didn’t mention?  Share with us in the comments section!