Valentine’s Day is not just for Lovers!

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With the flip of the calendar, February graces us with a sugar-coated reminder that the next holiday is about to arrive. Aaahhh, Valentine’s Day! Thank you, February (and Hallmark and every store in the world) for reminding uncoupled singles that…well, they’re uncoupled! Whether it’s unconscious or conscious, Valentine’s Day can put a damper on the 14th for those people who aren’t due for a dozen roses from a sweetie-pie.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dismal for anyone. In fact, it can be down-right fun!  “Fun,” you ask? You got it! Read on for an inspiring look at a Valentine’s Day for one!

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Keep your Healthy Routine…

Put that can of Pringles down – you do not need to unconsciously couple with junk food! Get yourself to the gym or keep to your exercise routine. Working out your angst (if you have any) will put you in a relaxed state of mind for the rest of the day. And, this year with Valentine’s Day on a Friday night you just might have the gym all to yourself. That’s a treat you can’t beat!

Meet your BFF’s for a Singles Celebration 

How can you feel lonely if you’re surrounded by the best of your friends?  Call it Galentine’s Day or a girl’s night out, it doesn’t matter, you’ll find yourself laughing the evening away and being so glad you didn’t have the pressure of coming up with a Valentine’s Day gift! If restaurants are packed, go out for a non-Valentine themed paint night or check out some stand-up comedy. Even better, break a sweat with some ax throwing or put your dancing shoes on and shake it until the sun comes up.

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Share some Love Vibes 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romantic love. It’s really how you look at it, giving a little of yourself for those in need can make this a rosy day instead of a day that feels like it’s lacking roses! Donate your time to a homeless shelter, bring a bouquet of flowers to a neighbor or friend, or offer to babysit for the evening. Walk yourself down to an animal shelter and adopt a pal, Valentine’s Day will have new meaning for you and your new friend!

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Snuggle In and Enjoy some Self Care

If you’re planning on staying in and away from all-things-Valentine then we suggest planning ahead for the perfect Self-Care night. Wrap up in a comfy robe or your softest PJ’s. Need to upgrade? Treat yourself to something luxurious for a special evening in. Light a scented candle for some ambiance.  We couldn’t help but want to scoop up all of these and give them out to the appropriate friends or keep them for ourselves!…

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Light up your snuggle fest with a scented candle and a smile… Tinder Candle smells like freedom and fun!  Check it out on  Shine some humor on the dark side of romance, find this funny candle at Scentsational AromaUS Shop on  If Netflix is all you need then this is the candle for you!  Comes in a variety of scents, find it at the Silver Dollar Candle Co. on    

Fill up your glass (or mug) with something special – you’re staying in after all!  Don’t go for whatever is usual for you, try a new cocktail like the “Love on the Rocks”, “Ridin’ Solo”, or “#Single for Life”. You can’t take yourself too seriously on a Self-Care evening in.

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Sink into a quiet night at home with a Valentine-themed cocktail.  Left, The Love on the Rocks by needs only three ingredients, cherry vodka, ginger ale and a splash of grenadine, get the recipe!  Top right, Ridin’ Solo is a mix of ginger and raspberry liqueurs and bubbly Prosecco.  See the recipe from Chef Caprial Pence.  Bottom right,  raise a toast your single Valentine’s Day with this cocktail by Head Bartender Dan Rook of South Water Kitchen in Chicago.  #singleForLife is garnished with a heart-shaped Peychaud’s Bitters.

Staying away from spirits?  Warm your mug with a comforting Parisian Hot Chocolate


If chocolate is your comfort food then get your whisk out and make yourself a cup of heaven.  Photo:

Round out the evening with a movie or a good book and you will arrive at midnight faster than you can imagine. Skip the romcom’s and go for a lengthy story that’s sure to keep you engaged.  We recommend “Once Upon a Time in America” which tells the story of a gangster who returns to New York to fix the mistakes he’s previously made. The movie stars Robert De Niro and has a runtime of almost 4 hours! Another lengthy flick sure to keep you from getting bored (or thinking about all the romance going on without you) is “Dangal”. This Bollywood biopic revolves around the lives of two Indian female wrestlers and the influence of their father on them. With inspirational and intense training scenes this movie beautifully highlights family bonds and women’s empowerment in sports.


If books are your thing then go with a short book that can be read in one night. We would pick Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, easily read in an evening at a brisk 142 pages or Sula from Toni Morrison, a novel about friendship and betrayal told in 174 pages.


With all of these suggestions, we hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day whether as a single person or as a couple. Remember, this day is not just for lovers but just another day for love!

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer and worked at Julianna Rae in Customer Service and Graphics, she writes all her blogs for in the Heavenly Spa Robe in Shale.