The Bathrobe:  12 movies that chose this iconic clothing to set the scene…

selective focus photography of smiling woman wearing white bathrobe lying on pool chair

Ahhh, the comfort of throwing on your favorite bathrobe! Who doesn’t love to wrap themselves in a robe made of silk, lace, satin or maybe something fantastically fluffy? And, the look definitely says it all… Worn at the right moment, they shout super sexy or cozy comfortable or both! The robe is so iconic that it’s used often in movies to convey a mood or set the scene. Does anyone doubt the mood of Bill Murray sitting on the bed in his robe and slippers in the movie Lost in Translation? 

Our very own robes have been selected for shows!  The Ariadne Silk Robe was worn in Blood and Oil, and Anni Murphy’s character, Alexis, in the popular show Schitt’s Creek is shown draped in our fan-favorite Heavenly Spa Robe.  To kick off our Robe Sale we thought it would be fun to take a look at 12 movies with iconic bathrobe scenes.

Cary Grant Bringing Up Baby

cary grant baby

Cary Grant certainly doesn’t look less handsome (or masculine) in this woman’s robe in the comedy Bringing Up Baby from 1938

Donna Reed – It’s a wonderful life


Buffalo Gal Donna Reed certainly looks like she could lasso the moon with her bathrobe sash, doesn’t she? The large, comfy terry bathrobe adds a sweet seduction to the conversation between her character, Mary, and George as we wait for the kiss.

Sylvester Stallone – Rocky


One of the more iconic robes in color and fabric.  The sash can barely contain the powerful energy about to be unleashed!

Lauren Bacall – The Big Sleep


This satin robe is a glamorous selection for this film noir picture.

Brad Pitt – Fight Club


Brad Pitt looks good in anything!  Yes, even a purple fuzzy bathrobe with coffee cup motifs.

Jean Harlow – Dinner at Eight

jean harlow

This robe just shouts “Super Sexy”! 

Robert De Niro – Casino

robert dniro

De Niro’s dressing gown makes a bold fashion statement in pink silk.

Marilyn Monroe – How to Marry a Millionaire


Monroe’s robe certainly isn’t frumpy, hugging her body in all the right places while still providing plenty of cover-up!

Jeff Bridges – The Big Lebowski

The Big LebowskiCredit: Polygram/Working Title

Nothing says “The Dude” like going to the grocery store in a drab brown bathrobe!

Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman


The hotel bathrobe is so luxurious – especially when it’s monogrammed and worn by a Pretty Woman!

Bill Murray – Lost in Translation


Nothing is lost in translation with kimono robe and slipper wearing Bill Murray in this famous scene.

Cary Grant – My Favorite Wife

my favorite wiofe

Cary Grant gets another feminine robe to wear this time in leopard print. Yup, still handsome!

We hope you enjoyed our look at the bathrobe in film.  Don’t forget to check out our robe sale and pick up a new bathrobe for yourself or someone you love just in time for the holiday gift-giving season! See you in the next blog!

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