7 Tips for Keeping Your Silk Bright, Shiny and Looking New

Last week we gave you some tips on how to ruin your lovely silks!  This week, we share 7 tips to keep it looking shiny and new!”

SILK is a fabric that makes its own statement. Beautiful, elegant, and luxurious, it feels incredibly soft and sensual to wear. Julianna Rae uses a higher than average “thread count” for silk garments (19mm) so it feels even better, looks richer, and will maintain its beauty through repeated washings. Best of all, with good care this silk will last, well… longer than most of us!

  1. Dry Clean – If you prefer to dry clean, by all means do.
  2. Hand Wash – Surprise! Our silks are washable and technically, silk does not shrink like other fibers so it can take this type of cleaning.
  3. Choose Detergent Wisely – A clear “colorless” shampoo (such as baby shampoo) works well as a detergent. It removes oil and revitalizes your silk. Avoid alkaline shampoo (one with a pH higher than 8) or one with ingredients such as wax, petroleum, or their derivatives. These will leave a residue on silk and could cause spotting. (You can use any detergent especially formulated for fine washables as well).
  4. Take Care of Cling – Static cling– no one likes it. To prevent it, use a tiny amount of good hair conditioner in the rinse water while hand washing.  Remember to use the same caution as with your detergent choice.
  5. Avoid Wringing – Instead, roll your washed silk in a towel to remove the excess water.
  6. Don’t Use Dryer – Silk dries quickly so save the dryer for your jeans!
  7. Irons are OK – But, do so on low temperature and on the opposite side of the silk garment.