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Embrace the dark side!  Enjoying longer nights while settling for shorter days

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On November 7th we said goodbye to Daylight Savings Time with a backward spin of the clock by one hour.  It’s normal to dread the shorter days, especially when it comes to the cold, drab weather that’s sure to follow but it doesn’t have to be all bad.  We’re here to tell you to take a stand and embrace the dark side!

What to do with all of that darkness?  Well, of course, we would suggest getting into your favorite pj’s after work and that is exactly what we intend to suggest.  Why not tackle those earlier nights in your favorite pair of pj’s?  At this time of year, when we crave comfort and long for anything cozy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with preparing for bed earlier than usual.  Make one night (or two) out of the week your night to get in a few extra zzz’s.

You don’t need to live in a warm weather climat to enjoy climbing into bed in our Perfect Indulgence Chemise with it’s bias cut and lace trimmed cups… just layer on the blankets or turn up the heat however you wish! Photo: Perfect Indulgence Silk Chemise in Ink and Indulgence Silk Robe in Inked Rose
Slip into paradise the minute you walk in the door in Julianna Rae’s Paradise Found Silk PJ. Drawstring waistband and a soft silk matching top that allows you to take a deep breath, pull it on and just say ahhhh. Photo: Paradise Found Silk PJ set in Onyx
Cami and Tap sets are and elegent option for wandering around the house for last minute chores before slipping between the sheets for some much needed rest! Photo: Tivoli Silk Tap Pant, Tivolia Allura Silk Wrap, and Sophia Silk Cami all in Onyx.

And, as you recharge your batteries with some extra sleep what will you do in the dark with all that energy?  Here are a few ideas…

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  • Stoke a Fire – Warm your heart and soul with friends and family with storytelling or songs.  Don’t forget the smores because a good bonfire always has to have smores!
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  • Plan for the Holidays – Yes, go ahead and use this time to get ahead of the hectic holiday season.  Use the longer nights to make some lists, plan some recipes and maybe even try some out.  
  • Read a good book – You probably still have a nice pile of pandemic books untouched.  If that’s the case, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and dive straight in.  And, in case you didn’t know that reading can reduce stress, reading has been found to relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing muscle tension.  One study found that reading can reduce your stress by up to 68%, and it works faster than other methods of relaxation like listening to music.  
  • Learn something new – Ever want to learn how to play an instrument?  Write a book?  Learn to code?  Well, now you’ve got longer nights to settle in and try something new!

See?  You got this fall and winter thing… long nights can be just as enjoyable as long summer days!  We’ll see you in the next blog!

Deb Fries is a freelance designer and writer and worked at Julianna Rae in customer service and graphics. She now writes for the blog at