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#TipTuesday – Holiday Shopping for Lingerie

Let me see…you’re dreaming of placing something a little sexy under the tree for your SO. Right so far? But, (just like last year) you’re a bit intimidated by the process. What do I buy? What’s the right color? And what size?!!  It can get a bit overwhelming. Well, if you don’t do something about it, the dream is likely to stay just that…a dream.

Why not let us help?! It’s what we do, we work hard making clothes for women that they love, that fit, and that makes them look great. So, let us help you with a fabulous lingerie gift this year…

Step One:  Go for the Win-Win

What’s the win-win you ask?  It’s simple to understand… start by picking something that SHE will love.  Unfortunately, it’s probably not all sheer with cutout fabric in sensitive places.  You know what we mean!  Choosing something she’ll love is important because if she feels good and loves how she looks she’ll feel confident, and confidence looks fabulous on everyone!  Imagine this, if she loves how she looks in it she just might wear it more than once.  That is a win-win!

Step Two:  Choose High Quality 

Long or short, silk or cotton, lacy or classic, we know, there is so much to choose from!  Before deciding on what style to buy choose quality first.  Select a beautiful high-quality fabric such as Julianna Rae’s luxurious 19 momme silk or our smooth, high thread count cotton sateen.  Our fabrics drape better on the body. And, because we also pay special attention to how the garment is cut and trimmed, whatever you choose… glamorous long nightgown, sweet and short chemise, sexy cami and tap, or an even more revealing silk bra and thong… we are confident she will feel stunning.

Step Three:  One Size fits All is a Fantasy

And, thank goodness we work in reality!  Our items come in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL which means you’ve got options and a 1 in 6 chance of hitting the bullseye.  Want to significantly improve your chance of getting the right fit? Here’s what you can do… peek in her closet and find her jeans and a button-front shirt.  Use the numbered sizes from these pieces and follow our size chart.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a chemise, nightgown or robe, use the bigger size between the shirt and jeans.  If you’re thinking of a camisole and panty, match up the sizes on the tops and bottoms.

Sure, there’s more to it than you can fit in a blog post but that’s why we’re here.  If you’re the independent type and want to work this out on your own, try consulting our Guys Guide to Buying Lingerie.  

Still puzzled?  Call us! At Julianna Rae, we love what we do (did we tell you that yet?) so don’t be afraid to call us for help or use our online chat feature while you’re shopping.  Our customer service team is knowledgeable, and they have impeccable taste.  In one easy phone call to 1.800.662.5723, we can help you sort through styles and sizing and finalize your order. If you want to work this out on your own, check out our Guy’s Guide to Buying Lingerie right on the website It’s as if Santa’s elves were working right here with us in the warehouse!

Deb Fries is a freelance writer and designer and worked for Julianna Rae in Graphics and Customer Service, she now writes for the blog at