The Sensuality of Color

Color communicates without even speaking. Human and animal understand its universal language. We feel the rush of red, pink, orange and yellow; the soothing, smooth, cooling of greens and blues; the deep rich mystery of black and purple. Color can explode our senses, taps into our sensuality, and inspires us. Color helps us feel … alive! Let’s take a deeper look (pun intended!) at color “speak” …


Strong, bold, and daring. Anything red is always hot and dangerous… and very sexy! Pink can be innocent and wicked. Orange is bright, sweet and tangy all at once. Yellow says caution or screams femininity –  it all depends on context and sometimes your frame of mind.


You can’t get any more sensual than these two colors. Brilliant and cold as ice, deep as the ocean or pale as the dawn sky. Blue is peaceful, quiet, and yet strong.  Green is natural and earthy, wet and cool.


Black will always be a mystery, inviting and foreboding. Will you take the risk?  Purple can be playful, sweet and vibrant or deep, somber and thoughtful.

What color gets you in the mood for love, life and laughter? What color inspires you? Do you mix your colors to create a palette of harmony or contradictions? Share your favorite color and why!