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Hurray for Soup Season! 7 Soup Recipes to keep you Warm and Healthy

With the winter chill just outside our doors and the blur of holiday preparations and parties on their way it might be a good time to add soup to your dinner time repertoire!


Winter doesn’t scare us when a pot of soup is simmering on the stove!  Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Who doesn’t like a good bowl of soup?  Healthy, hydrating and warming to our belly and soul, there’s no better food as days shorten and the temperature dips.  And, there’s more!

Soup can be a very healthy choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Add vegetables, fruits and protein  in a soup for a healthy meal that staves off those hunger pangs.  Your body will love it!


Get your veggie servings in one bowl with Loaded with Veggies Soup!  Photo:


Soup for breakfast?  Of course, we say any time!  Try it:  Egg and Miso Breakfast Soup.  Photo:

And soup can be easy on the budget!  With a few simple ingredients you can create classic soups that taste great and cost little to make    Take for example Potage Parmentier, (potato leek soup). You would think this French favorite would be complicated and costly but it uses just four ingredients – and one is water!  You can certainly enrich it with chives and sour cream but if you stick with the four ingredients you won’t be disappointed!  Here’s our favorite:


Julia  Child’s iconic Potage Parmentier (potato leek soup) was published in The French Chef Cookbook but don’t let that scare you, this is a simple recipe that uses minimal ingredients and will fill you up on a chilly day because of the creamy potato base.  Photo: Lynn Gilbert, 1978, wikimedia

Soup is the perfect food to fill you up without adding many calories.  (A good trick to know if you are watching your waistline!)  A little soup before dinner is a great trick to keep down the carbs that come with the main course and dessert! 


Sipping a little soup before the meal will keep you from downing all that bread!  Try The Best Damn Tomato Soup at your next meal.  And, according to this infographic you will please almost everyone at the table because tomato soup is the #2 favorite in America!  Photo:

Soup makes you feel better.  And, that’s almost a proven fact!  Mom knows it’s a surefire remedy for a cold so scientists put it to the test.  University of Nebraska Medical Center physician/researcher Stephen Rennard, M.D., challenged the folk remedy and found it to be credible.  Unable to pinpoint exactly why test subjects responded positively to soup, researchers suggest that it may be the vegetables and chicken working together that packs the nutritional punch. Whatever it is, have it handy when winter brings the sniffles. 


Chicken soup can be an all day simmering affair or can be whipped up easily like this Easy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.  Photo:

And, finally… what better food to warm your insides? That’s right, soup, especially if it’s a little on the spicy side or thick and filling… we say mmm, mmm good!  Here are two that will fill you up and leave you ready to settle in for that long winter night. 


The Thai chili sauce will warm your insides while you heat your toes by the fire!  Carrot Coconut Soup.  Photo:



French onion soup takes on a Normandy twist with a little hard cider in the recipe of course, sipping along while you cook is definitely encouraged.  Try Michel Roux’s French Onion Soup  Photo:

What’s your favorite soup?  Don’t be shy, share your favorite in our comment section.