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12 Summer Movies that are Summer Movie Worthy

Everyone has a favorite!  Maybe yours is a romance that came out that summer you fell in love or another about summer camp because that was your favorite place to be every summer. How about the beach?  Who knew so much could happen on such a small stretch of sand?! One underlying theme for a good summer movie is heat – whether from pent up emotion, anger, love or just the temperature – a summer movie that sizzles our hearts or minds is worth watching over and over. Here are 12 we think are definitely summer worthy!


The Endless Summer, 1966 – Who wants summer to end? Not us, and thankfully we have this gem to take us back to our own beach memories where the sand warms our toes and we can practically smell the salt in the air. We love this documentary that follows two men in search of the perfect wave while they follow summer around the globe.  

summer of sam

Summer of Sam, 1999 – During the summer of 1977, fear and distrust comes to a boiling point in a Bronx neighborhood during a record heat wave, a blackout and a mysterious .44 Caliber Killer who stalks his victims.

parent trap

The Parent Trap, 1961 – Get the S’mores ready for this summer pic which pits two divorced parents against their conniving twin daughters who meet by chance at summer camp. We’re nodding our head in agreement with the 60’s tagline “It’s a LOOK-ALIKE, RING-A-DING, LAFF-AFFAIR!”

field of dreams

Field of Dreams, 1989 – A classic movie about loss and the game of baseball which is played out in a cornfield. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this movie is worth repeat viewing. Weeping by the end of this one is a sure thing!

beach blanket

Beach Blanket bingo, 1965 – Squeaky clean fun, romcom and adventure rolled into one cheerful summer fling of a movie, what more could we ask for?  60’s bikini fashion and music? Check! Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon in their youthful prime? Double check!

hulots holiday

Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, 1953 – This slapstick comedy takes on rigid social roles while on summer holiday. We can’t help but fall in love with the eccentric Monsieur Hulot who causes havoc wherever he goes

7 year

The Seven Year itch, 1955 – With his family away on summer holiday, New Yorker Richard Sherman is feeling free to live the life of a bachelor but gets more than he bargained for when he meets the beautiful but ditzy Marilyn Monroe character. Steamy scenes for the era include Monroe’s skirt blowing up and a bathtub scene where a bubble covered Monroe has her toe caught in the faucet with a nervous plumber near bye.  

body heat

Body Heat, 1981 – A summer heat wave in Florida sets the scene for a murderous plot between two lovers. A perfect summer film noir!

dirty danc

Dirty Dancing, 1987 – A summer in the Catskills becomes a coming of age for Baby when she falls in love with dancer Johnny Castle. The music, the dancing, the drama – it’s everything we want in a summertime flick!

breaking away

Breaking Away, 1979 – Social class and high school graduation is the catalyst for Dave who wants to better his lot in life by pretending he is an Italian exchange student and professional bicycle racer. We cheer him on while he rolls through town on his bicycle singing in Italian and shouting “Ciao” to a bewildered father.


Summertime, 1955 – This summer love story is set in Venice and focuses on a lonely, middle aged women afraid to fall for a dashing and married stranger. The setting is a sublime backdrop for this Katherine Hepburn movie. Pour yourself a glass of red and settle in to see if Hepburn realizes her fantasy of love in Venice. 


Jaws,1975 – If you were brave enough to go to the beach after watching this flick from the 70’s then we salute you! This iconic movie about a seaside resort terrorized by a giant shark is still just as frightening now as it was in 1975. Good scary fun, just right for summer!

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