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Beautiful lingerie and intimates give you the confidence no other clothing can. Women are loving the gorgeous look and feel of Julianna Rae undergarments. For that special evening or just for every day - having the luxury of the finest silk and lace panties and bra make you feel not just good about yourself, but great. Luxury sleepwear - so feminine and empowering. Elegant pajamas made of the finest silk and softest eco friendly cotton caress your body for beautiful rest and relaxation. Choose from short silk pyjama sets, beautiful silk print pj sets, tailored lounge pants, and indulgent long silk pajama sets with beautiful lace trim to suit your mood and your style. You will feel completely pampered with a pajama set from Julianna Rae.

Short, Flirty Silk Robes - a definite essential! 

Every modern women's must have item - a luxury silk robe in a shorter length. Our Indulgence Silk Wrap fits like a dream and makes women feel like they’re draped in soft, rose petals. The beautiful lace cuffs add to the elegance of this robe. Our Tivoli Silk Wrap is just as fabulous but in a knee length for those who like a slightly longer but still sexy short silk robe. You will feel as ultra feminine and beautiful as you look in our designer silk robes.

Layering season - camisoles to be worn in or out!

Camisoles are the perfect choice for wearing to sleep or out on the town with a fabulous silk or a pair of jeans. Or as a first layer underneath blouses or shirts. And of course, they can be worn to be seen under sweaters and jackets. Silk camisoles are pretty, elegant and glamourous in a way that no other tank top is. There is something really lovely in having silk next to your skin while you are going about your day, whether its a tough day or just a leisurely day. Pamper yourself in the indulgence you deserve with one of camisoles. But once you get the one, with all the beautiful colors and styles, you will find one is never enough!