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Top rated silk and luxury lingerie and sleepwear

Get the best luxury lingerie and sleepwear as rated by our customers. Don't take our word for how wonderful our pajamas, nightgowns, and robes are - take our customers' words for it! There is so much to choose from - elegant pajamas made of the finest silk and softest eco friendly cotton to sexy silk nightgowns and chemises - some trimmed with beautiful lace and others trimmed with contrast silk piping. But all gorgeously beautiful. You can see our top ranked lingerie and sleepwear here but you will see from the reviews, everything from Julianna Rae meets their very high standards.

We want to know what our customers' are thinking

Our customers want and expect the best quality design, product, and service. Getting their feedback, ideas, and suggestions in their reviews helps us make beautiful lingerie and sleepwear that works for their very busy lifestyles and ensures that we are doing our best in answering their needs for the entire shopping and post purchase experience.  We want every Julianna Rae customer to be a delighted customer and friend.

Everyone loves a helpful review

Every one loves to be the center of attention. And that's what the reviews are - they put our lingerie and sleepwear front and center!  But they actually are great at helping our customers, letting them know what they liked best, and helping us make better product and be a better company - so that's why we really love them. If you do become a customer, you will have the chance to pay it forward with your own review.