Our Bras

Why a section dedicated especially to bras? Because we know women are very concerned about this subject. Finding a bra that fits or gives you a natural smooth look without the use of bulky pads no matter what your size seems to be one of life's greater challenges and really, it shouldn't be. So we did some research. Most bra makers would like us to think it's our fault - that we don't know how to measure ourselves! (It doesn't seem right to blame the customer, does it?)

We think a lot of it has to do with the way bras are made today. Good bras are a combination of smart engineering and specialized tailoring. Today, most are made at large factories where all the parts need to be the same for every size and are sewn in assembly line fashion. The straps for a small sized bra are the same as they are for a large sized bra as is the netting fabric, and so on. So it's difficult for every size to fit well. These bra makers do not have bad intentions. Instead, they have great sales and need production to satisfy these sales.

We decided to go the way of the old European lingerie makers and found a small factory that makes bras the old fashioned way. Before we even begin sewing, we start with the best fabrics and laces. This will go a long way to ensuring comfort, fit and a gorgeous look. We know bras are worn underneath your clothing but you might as well feel beautiful from the inside out.

Okay, back to our bras: first, each bra size gets specialized components that work precisely for that bra size. A different wire (with specialized shape and tension for each size), a different degree of stretch in the back netting, a different type of front strap, a different type of back strap, and so on. Second, the engineering and pattern is changed to support the changes in the body shape while keeping the styling beautiful in each size. Lastly, our bras are individually sewn by experienced crafts people who give each bra the attention and the impeccable tailoring it needs to fit perfectly and comfortably. This way, a large sized bra can maintain the beautiful and delicate look of its smaller sized counterpart but have all the support and comfort it needs. And a smaller bra will have the lift and support it needs to give a natural and elegant shape without the use of bulky pads.

While we can't replicate the in-shop custom fitting of old European lingerie makers, we can bring you the convenience and comfort of having the dressing room in your own home and on your own time so you can try on any size - or two! Find the bra you like. Return what you don't.

We know we do not have every style of bra or size to satisfy every customer. So you will have to tell us what you wish we had. Concierge@juliannarae.com or 1.800.662.5723.