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Date: May 11, 2005

Botanical Bodies- Why be a pear when you can be a flower?

Publication: Various

Just because your shoulders are a little narrower than your hips, does that mean you have to be labeled a "pear" for the rest of your life?

Not if you use the fit guidelines offered by the lingerie collection Julianna Rae, which compares body types to flower shapes.

A snowdrop has "delicate shoulders and bustline with feminine hips and legs." The best styles for this figure are soft and flowing, especially bias cuts

Other botanical bodies, as defined by Julianna Rae's Web site (www.juliannarae.com): The rose's waist is less defined but she has feminine shoulders and shapely legs. A-line chemises flow smoothly on this shape, and flattering vertical lines are created by wearing long tops over bottoms. V-necks also work well, as do styles that drape to the side. Avoid cropped tops and cinched waists.

The tulip has an even shape -- shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same measurement. Just about any combination of prints, patterns and solids look good on this shape.

There are many types of lilies but most common -- at least when it comes to body shape -- is the calla lily with slightly wider shoulders and bustline with slimmer hips and legs. It's the shape that can wear full bottoms and any printed pants. Avoid halters, off-the-shoulder and asymmetric styles.

-- The Associated Press